Linear GS has announced the launch of its new subsidiary, LGS Overmold, a company offering low-pressure injection molding services. The new company brings over thirty years of experience in low-pressure injection molding, cable overmolding, mold design, and manufacturing. LGS Overmold specializes in low-pressure injection molding to safely encapsulate electronics components from harsh environments such as moisture, dust, acid, and chemicals. For more information, click here.


Troy, MI, November 11, 2021– Linear GS has launched its new division, LGS Overmold, specializing in overmolding and other innovative technologies that streamline and protect equipment. The new company offers low pressure injection molding services to safely encapsulate electronic assemblies from harsh environments such as water, acids, dust, and chemicals.

“We are excited to launch our new company, LGS Overmold, which specializes in low-pressure injection molding services for military, automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications. The overmolding process safely encapsulates electronics assemblies from harsh environmental conditions, and we can do so from prototype to volume scale quickly,” said Jonathan LaMarre, Group Director of LGS Overmold.

Linear GS has made a name as an industry leader in the mechanical and industrial engineering sector. The new venture will expand its services to create functional and long-lasting products that exceed customers’ expectations. As part of the bigger Linear GS group, LGS Overmold has grown to become a leader in developing and manufacturing high-quality overmolding solutions. In addition to low-pressure injection molding, the company offers the following services:

  • Mold making
  • Die design
  • PCB encapsulating
  • Electronics overmolding

Harsh environmental conditions are inevitable, especially in the industrial, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Moisture, dust, chemicals, etc., will ruin electronic parts if they are not well encapsulated. Cable overmolding enables electronic parts to remain intact and in their best condition in harsh environments. It also increases cables’ flexibility, facilitates connections, provides abrasion, water resistance, and reduces clutter during assembly.

“We provide high-quality and on-demand cable overmolding solutions to enhance the appearance and function of cable assemblies. Our services are unparalleled, and we promise the quickest turnaround time. Take your company or business to the next level through our large-scale production runs with high-quality processing for pilot runs and low volume production,” explained LaMarre.

Every company has a unique custom mold design that matches its needs, specifications, and project requirements. LGS Overmold engineers will design, develop, and manufacture custom mold designs using proven quality products for their customers. The firm’s mold design and manufacturing services are computer-aided, affordable, and timely.

“At LGS Overmold, our team of highly skilled technicians harnesses cutting edge 3D CAD technologies to produce custom molds with incredible precision and speed. We employ the industry’s highest standards to manufacture molds to your specifications,” added LaMarre.

About LGS Overmold

LGS Overmold is an industrial automation company that specializes in low-pressure injection overmold of electronic assemblies. It is a subsidiary of Linear GS, a Michigan-based mechanical and industrial engineering company. The firm delivers high-quality, on-demand injection molding for prototypes and production parts with the quickest turnaround in the industry. In addition, the team offers outstanding processing for pilot runs, low-volume production, and bridge tools.

Contact information

Name: Jonathan LaMarre
Organization: LGS Overmold
Address:  1819 Thunderbird St, Troy, MI 48084
Phone: (248) 655-2570