Career is at the centre of most people’s lives. It sits in the deepest part of their hearts. So much that it defines success and failure. As well as wellness. Career success will definitely have a tremendous effect on the wellness…

Success is indefinite. It may mean different thing(s) to different people, even the same people, at different times. But despite this apparent irreconcilable discrepancy in what success is to different people, there is still something consistent about it wherever it is found: joy and satisfaction.

At work, the most general definition of success is getting to the top of your career. And this inevitably means some level of competition since every other person is also eying that seat you are eyeing. What you can’t give in to is unhealthy competition. Besides that, every other form is a game.

So how do you strategize to rise to the top of your career without any foul play?

1.        Define success in your own terms

If you don’t know what exactly success is for you, you’ll just be wandering about. Know what? Chasing after shadows is not only time wasting, it is also heart-breaking. If you don’t know the success you are chasing after, you may catch up with it and still pass it on without grapping it.

You must have heard of people who still feel sad after attaining what they thought they desire. The truth is that these people all along have been chasing after mirage. They never defined what they wanted, so they couldn’t have got it.

Just be sincere to yourself and make a list of what translate into success for you and start working towards achieving each of them.

2.        Take stock

Self-appraisal is a magical means of knowing what to do next. When you take stock of your achievements, or failure, you give yourself the chance of seeing things at close quarters and without beclouding emotions.

Do this at a regular interval.

Success scarcely comes in block form or in chunks. Usually, it comes in bits and pieces.

If you fail to take stock, you may inevitably get yourself caught in the webs of self-pity. Your successes may go unnoticed and therefore unsung, missed by all and you.

Please, don’t wait for anybody to sing your praises. Don’t hunt for compliments. Sing your own praises yourself.

3.        Acquire new key skills and qualifications

Change is the only permanent thing. Your career terrain is changing and will keep on changing; so why not you? You can’t afford to be stagnant. You must continue growing professionally.

Acquire latest skills, use them and keep on improving on them. This way you can continue being relevant and in fact indispensable.

There are many areas you can look into depending on what you do. For instant, IT professionals or business leaders can take on an AWS Training.

An academic can go for a Master’s degree or PhD while captains of industries may get an MBA. The list is endless.

Just take the right step, go after something key to your area of operation and earn a ground-breaking expertise that may surprise even you.

4.        Network smartly

Of course, the social media help you to network smoothly, but you can do much more networking off the social media too.

Yes, LinkedIn can link you up with other professionals from across the globe. So are other networking media. But you can as well meet face to face with them. And I think that is much better.

Attend seminars, workshops, training sessions, and even dinners. These are places you can gain connections to the movers in your industry.

Candidly speaking, a combination of the social media and real life socialising would give you a super smart networking. That is what you need.

5.        Venture into new terrain

You need to take up new challenges! It is time to step out of your comfort zone and bell the cat. This might be daring but its result is invariably wonderful.

Attack is said to be the best form of defence. So go out of your way and try new ideas creatively. If you don’t be sure that some other will do.

But remember, ‘safety first’ is the watchword for every venture. And it must be observed at all times.

6.        Align your mind with realities

Let’s face it, you can’t always have it your way. Never! Nobody has ever had it that way before and you’re not going to be any different. Success will fail you once in a while.

You’re to be prepared for this time.

Just as you need to learn to handle success, you also need to learn to handle failure. You wouldn’t want to take any chances with your well-being.

You know, failure can really deal a devastating blow if you let down your guard.

So, always equip yourself with the knowledge and belief that there is always a tomorrow, and a better one at that.