LED collar

As a pet parent, your dog’s safety is at the top of your priority list. So you probably think you’re already doing everything you can to make sure your pup stays out of harm’s way.

But did you know something as simple as taking your dog out for a night time walk could put your pet in danger. Reduced visibility caused by low lighting can make it difficult to keep track of your fur baby.

Fortunately, an LED dog collar can help you keep a closer eye on your pet and provide additional safety during evening walks.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of an LED dog collar.


In the United States alone, more than 1 million dogs are killed by cars each year. This is a huge concern for many pet parents. But unfortunately, keeping your dog away from cars 100% of the time probably isn’t possible.

Chances are you have to walk your dog through an area where there’s some car traffic. While vehicles always pose a threat to your dog’s safety, this is especially true at night time when it’s tough to see.

With the help of an LED dog collar, your pet will be much more visible to drivers. The light from the collar will alert drivers if your dog crosses paths with their car and give them an opportunity to stop before an accident happens.


According to the Human Society, about 10 million pets are stolen or lost each year. If your dog likes to wander off and/or chase animals, especially at night, it can increase the chances of you looking track of your pup.

An LED dog collar will allow you to locate your pet if they are separated from you during your walk. No matter how dark it is outside, the light from the collar should be visible.

However, it’s important to note that even though a light up collar will make your pet more visible, it’s still a good idea to keep your dog on a leash during walks so they’ll be even less likely to get away.


Are you used to carrying a flashlight to light the way as you walk? A high-quality LED dog collar may be able to light your path instead.

The glow from the collar will be able to to show you any bumps or cracks throughout your walk and help you and your pet avoid them.


If you live in a neighborhood where lots of people walk their dogs at night (or just walk around in general), an LED dog collar can help alert passersby that you and your dog are coming.

If you have a small and/or dark colored dog, it can be easy for people to miss the fact that there’s a dog with you. Making your pet visible with a light up collar can help keep both of you safer as you encounter others on your walk.


Let’s face it, trying to pick up your dog’s poop when it’s pitch black outside is extremely difficult.

Well, thanks to your LED dog collar, the days of trying to hold a flashlight in one hand while you bend over to pick up poop with the other can be officially over.

Since the collar will make it easier to keep track of your pet, it’ll also make it easier to see when and where they’re relieving themselves.


When picking the perfect LED dog collar it’s important to keep a few things in mind such as durability, brightness, and size. You’ll want to make sure the collar you choose is comfortable and can keep up with your dog’s daily activity.

Since light up dog collars can be turned off, you can one as your dog’s every day collar and only turn it on at night.

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