In addition to offering greater visibility and an improved customer experience, and LED lighting systems from can now actually save money, savings that can pay for the upgrade and installation costs in as little as two years.

San Diego, CA – One of the many primary factors driving a positive customer experience is lighting. Professional, attractive lighting is often the difference between engaging and converting customers and failing to do so. LED lighting systems offer a clear improvement over traditional HID lighting. What’s more, they can actually save money — up to 75% — in the process. And, one of the top names in expert LED lighting solutions, has been supplying LED lighting systems for years.

As an example, changing a 400 watt, old metal halide light to a new 150 watt LED Shoebox light will save 250 watts on the bulb and another 50 watts on the ballast. That equates to 300 watts per pole, or over 70% in energy savings.

And with low entry price point on LED fixtures, the payback can be fast. Per Bill Gallucci, Sales Director at, “Depending on what state you live in, and your energy rates, which may be between .12 and .36 cents a kilowatt-hour, the payback time can be just 1 to 4 years. Even with labor, we are nationally averaging under 2 years.” When you add in the dramatically reduced maintenance costs and better light, the choice is clear.

In addition to cost savings, there are many other reasons to select LED lights over traditional HID lighting systems, including appearance (LED lights have a better color rendering index rating, which means they look more appealing, plus they never buzz or flicker the way that HID lights do), ease of operation (you can easily change the brightness of specific lights, an option unavailable with HID lights) and safety (the superior luminescence of LED lighting improves safety generally, and also shows up better on CCTV cameras). also offers a complete guide to LED parking lot lights, including an explanation of the various types of lights available, information about the difference between wattage, which is used to determine the brightness of traditional HID lighting systems, and lumens, which is the unit of measure for LED lights, and a guide to the layout and spacing of a parking lot Lights system. For anyone considering the installation of LED Parking Lot Lights, this guide is an invaluable tool.

Because there are so many types of LED lights available, selecting the correct option for your site can be a daunting task. While every lighting situation is different, and your particular needs will vary depending upon the layout and purpose of the lighting system to be installed, offers an entire range of LED lighting, from parking lot pole lights to indoor retail lighting systems, from patio lighting to motion sensor warehouse lights, is the only stop for all LED lighting solutions.   

About the Company: began with a bad experience finding LED lights, all of which seemed to be of either poor quality or much too expensive. Capitalizing on an opportunity to bring better products directly to businesses and consumers, started by only selling high-end commercial LED lights, like LED parking lot lights and high bay lights, which would be custom-built for their clients. What started as a simple site with a few products has grown into a premier distributor of LED Lights, complete with a team that is focused on providing an easy and pleasant online shopping experience.

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