Now is the best time to make a switch from your traditional 9-5 job to working from home. Tony Monzon’s website is a resource for anyone wanting to make the transition in these turbulent times. His website offers informative articles on how to start working from home and what legitimate jobs to consider. Monzon also has advice on how to set up your workspace and stay productive while you work remotely. Besides showing you how to effectively work from home, he also teachers visitors about digital marketing. Learn more at


May 27, 2020 — makes it easy to find legitimate online jobs from home.

Founder Tony Monzon launched Limber Link because he understands the value of digital marketing and wants to help other people transition from traditional to online jobs from home. 

“Business owners are husting to find road maps on how to transition from brick and mortar operations to an online business,” said Monzon. “The issue is most people are confused about the Internet and need guidance on how to proceed. I want to share my knowledge with them.”

His website operates as a blog and Monzon regularly posts links to online job opportunities and articles that serve as guides for the transition. 

Start searching for home jobs here: This beginner’s guide offers tips on setting up a workspace, minimizing distractions, and understanding the remote work landscape. He also provides a list of the best jobs from home, including data entry, freelance writing, medical transcription, and more. 

Working from home is turning into the new norm, according to Monzon. One of his other posts allow you to connect with office jobs here. Whether you’re a college student, stay-at-home mom, or someone who enjoys the flexibility of working online, now’s the time to find a new position.  

This article also recommends communications software for your home business and has links to corporate opportunities from Costco, Walmart, and Cracker Barrel. 

Another popular post helps online visitors begin part time work here. Some people are only seeking a position with a few hours per week to supplement their main income. Getting this type of position is easy if you possess basic skills like typing, writing or transcribing. 

Monzon lists some potential part time positions and answers questions about how to get paid for online jobs and whether they truly help pay the bills. Limber Link is a wealth of knowledge on finding an online job and maximizing your earnings. 

Learn more about the opportunities waiting for you at While learning about online jobs at home, check out his “Digital Marketing” section with information about Wealthy Affiliate University.

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Tony Monzon has been in digital marketing since 2014. He first learned these skills by joining Wealthy Affiliate University. His primary reason for launching was to help people transition from a traditional job to a home job. The website will help people to find legitimate work from home jobs, home office jobs, part-time work from home jobs, and it teaches digital marketing. It’s also dedicated to helping office or home office workers stay productive. Whether working in an office or an office at home, Limber Link is here to help.

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