Pioneer Academics has created an infographic comparing and contrasting the classroom cultures of countries all around the world.


Jenkintown, PA, August 26, 2022— Recognizing and understanding classroom culture in different countries is important because it strongly influences how students learn and behave in the classroom. Classroom culture is the beliefs, values, norms, and behaviors shared within a classroom and can significantly impact how students approach lifelong learning.

As the world continues to globalize, we come into contact with other countries more and more every day. This naturally sparks interest in other countries. One organization has promoted the interest of other countries in a very creative way.

Pioneer Academics, an organization that provides online research for high school students, has made an infographic on classroom culture around the world. The goal of this infographic is to show students the differences and similarities found in schools all around the world.

The infographic displays information on ten different countries from every continent on the planet, excluding Antarctica. Students can learn about the classroom culture of the United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, India, Norway, and Japan.

“I really like our classroom culture infographic because I feel that we showcased a diversity of countries, covering every corner of the world,” said Amy Li, Co-Founder and Director of Outreach and Communications for Pioneer Academics.

A wide variety of information is listed on the infographic, such as the average length of a school day, the average length of the school year, the average amount of homework given as well as the average class size.

Pioneer Academics has also included one interesting fact about the school systems for each country. For example, did you know that in Brazil, students go home for lunch because eating with your family is heavily valued?

“This infographic was really interesting to examine. We’re hoping this can be used to spark some really powerful conversations about education and what it means to create a classroom where all students can learn and be successful,” said Matthew Jaskol, Co-Founder and Program Director of Pioneer Academics.

This infographic can be especially helpful for students when considering the challenges that a student may face when relocating from one country to another.

“Learning comes in all shapes, forms, and cultures. One classroom culture isn’t better than another, but it is important to recognize the differences to help students navigate and learn in a more globalized world. That is what we aim to promote with this infographic,” Jaskol further explained.

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