Texas, January 31, 2023— My Maria Victoria handbags turn six this year, and it’s a welcome, refreshing, and somewhat unbelievable task. It seems like not that long ago that we met the amazing collection of handbags by Carolina Sandoval and Paulina Nava, two Mexican entrepreneur mothers. The two close friends and members of the Mexican American diaspora have spearheaded Maria Victoria for the past six years. Starting with a few handbags sent over the border, the bags were an instant hit. They are now a hot item found in over 450 stores worldwide- small stores and businesses to more high-end boutiques that are found in the East and West coasts of the United States, in Puerto Rico, and several countries around the Latin American continent and Europe.

The Latino owned company has colorful woven plastic, upcycled, washable handbags and totes in an impressive array of colors and patterns. Stunning, eye-catching, and conversation-starting bags, they are the perfect “go-to” for a day of shopping, for that outdoor concert, or when you need to carry more than just the ID-carrying phone wallet. These bags are thought out for you: you care about the environment; you appreciate good design and functional solutions to your everyday needs; you talk with your wallet when it comes to supporting small businesses, independent designers, and craftsmanship. 

We are now a few seasons past the beginner’s stage. Collections consistently welcome every season, each one with a concept (think Taylor’s Midnights, but with bags!). For this 2023 collection, each Maria Victoria named after a bird, each design repeated on the different size presentations we have come to know and love. Over the years, each collection has come with sparkling accolades like colorful tassels, towels, beachwear, sandals, or jewelry, where Carolina Sandoval and Paulina Nava have played with boundaries finding new accessorizing solutions for busy women everywhere.

This year’s collection sports an impressive 80 products altogether, with a year’s beginning marked exclusively by what Maria Victoria does best: handbags. A solid collection where each bird has a different pattern, the Toucan bags exhibit a solid bright with vertical straps in contrasting colors. The Magpie and Blue Parrot designs are geometric, binary bliss. And then we have the Rose Bellied or Sun Conure or the Quetzal bags, beautiful winks to the Mexican bright colors and designs that remind the diaspora of childhood memories and the American psyche of Spring Break vacations in the middle of winter. 

Almost all the designs sport the mini version bags we have come to enjoy so much: buy one bag for mom, one bag for daughter! Matching in design and color, the pair combinations are endless within the bird designs or outside of them, since one can always, for example, have a pink Toucan bigger tote and a smaller toucan mini in another color like blue or gold.

The Mexican handbag design moms seem to be here to stay. Their growth has been impressive and a joy to watch. I will update you as I grow my collection!  

By Florencia Ulloa

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Name: Ana Carolina Sandoval
Organization: Maria Victoria
Phone: 832.433.0248