Lash Stuff, renowned for its award-winning eyelash extensions and beauty products, has unveiled its highly anticipated Online Eyelash Extension Training Course. The program is designed to empower beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike by providing a transformative journey into the world of eyelash extensions.


Ogden, UT, January 10, 2024— Lash Stuff, a leading manufacturer of premium eyelash cosmetics, has set a new standard in beauty education with the launch of its Online Eyelash Extension Training Course. This revolutionary program caters to both seasoned professionals and beauty students, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essentials of eyelash extension application. The course, presented by a skilled beauty instructor, promises to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the competitive beauty industry.

“Our Online Eyelash Extension Training is not just a course; it’s a gateway to success in the beauty industry,” says Jess Phillips, Lead Beautician at Lash Stuff. “We believe in empowering individuals to craft captivating lashes that clients will adore. This training is designed to be a transformative experience, ensuring participants gain the expertise and confidence needed to thrive in the booming beauty sector.”

The 10-module course delves into various aspects of eyelash extension application, encompassing eyelash extension knowledge, eye shapes and eyelash extension mapping, lash application techniques, and fills & removals. The program aims to provide a well-rounded education, enabling participants to apply a complete set of classic Eyelash Extensions confidently. Beyond the basics, the training covers diverse techniques, including classic, volume, and hybrid lash applications.

“Becoming an eyelash extension stylist is a rewarding journey that combines artistic creativity with technical precision. Continuous learning is key in this ever-evolving industry, and our program is designed to instill the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Our online training course is meticulously designed to provide a flexible and accessible learning experience, allowing students to hone their skills at their own pace, from the comfort of their homes,” adds Phillips.

Lash Stuff is offering two options for its Eyelash Extension Training: the comprehensive package, including a Student Eyelash Extension Kit, priced at $395.99, and the standalone training course at $199. Upon successfully completing the program, participants receive a certification recognized within the beauty industry, enhancing their credibility as certified eyelash extension artists.

In addition to its innovative training program, Lash Stuff continues to provide high-quality eyelash extension products, including award-winning eyelash extensions, strip eyelashes, and magnetic eyelashes. The company’s commitment to premium ingredients, cruelty-free products, and unmatched quality has positioned it as a trusted leader in the industry.

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Lash Stuff is a prominent manufacturer of eyelash cosmetics, offering a wide range of award-winning products and comprehensive training programs. Known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Lash Stuff provides professional eyelash and eyebrow products for salons and beauty schools. The company takes pride in offering the largest selection of eyelash extension supplies, a 30-day return policy with free returns, and free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $99.

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