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Toronto, CA, 24 November 2023— The dating landscape is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Recent Axios data shows that an overwhelming 79% of college students have abandoned dating apps. This trend parallels a decrease in casual encounters, with 71% of students not engaging in hookups over the past three months, or ever. This data emerges in the wake of Whitney Wolfe Herd’s departure from Bumble, a moment reflecting broader changes in the dating world.

Krystal Walter, one of North America’s leading matchmakers, links these trends to broader societal challenges. “In times of inflation, mass layoffs, and burnout, dating often takes a backseat,” she explains. “This is reflected in the waning excitement for dating apps.”

However, according to Krystal, the decline in app usage doesn’t imply disinterest in dating. Instead, it points to a reluctance to invest time in potentially fruitless or incompatible relationships.

As this ‘dating revolution’ unfolds, traditional matchmaking is resurging, led by firms like Krystal Walter Matchmaking. Since its inception in 2012, the company has seen a significant increase in clients, driven by growing skepticism towards online dating and a preference for discreet, efficient dating methods.

Krystal observes “What we’re seeing is a clear trend: individuals who are serious about finding a partner, regardless of their age or profession, are seeking the expertise of matchmakers.”

Krystal Walter Matchmaking’s methodology focuses on in-depth profiling and personalized matches, extending its services to include dating coaching and personal development, tailored to individual client needs. A standout feature of their strategy is ‘dating headhunting’ – a proactive search for potential matches outside their existing database, utilizing a network of expert recruiters and international matchmakers. Such a strategy significantly expands the range of options, providing clients with a wider and more diverse array of potential partners.

“I firmly believe that one’s dating life is an integral part of their overall well-being. As more individuals start prioritizing their happiness and well-being, I anticipate a significant move away from dating apps towards matchmaking.” 

The decline in online dating users represents a return to meaningful connections, reflecting the collective yearning for deeper, more authentic interactions. This signifies not only a pivotal change in the formation of relationships but also the moment when the matchmaking industry reclaims its influential role in shaping the future of dating.

“This growth is just beginning,” Krystal concludes. “With the current skepticism surrounding online dating apps, as seen with the Bumble CEO stepping down and the continued user decline for Tinder and Hinge, more people are recognizing the value of personalized matchmaking services.

Since 2012, Krystal Walter Matchmaking has helped singles in North America find each other. As a leading dating service in Canada and the U.S., the company provides discreet quality matches, relationship coaching, image consulting, post-date feedback, and professional photoshoots. Its extensive roster features thousands of select singles from major cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and throughout Canada. For more details, visit

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