Knowi ELEVATE empowers every employee in the company to ask questions, find insights, and take action on all their cloud data–no matter where the data is stored


Oakland, CA,  January 14, 2021 – Knowi, a breakthrough business intelligence platform, today announced the release of Knowi ELEVATE, one of the first fully-managed SaaS offerings specifically for revenue generation teams to use within Slack. With Knowi ELEVATE, businesses can empower employees to access granular insights from within their existing collaboration environment no matter where that data actually resides. ELEVATE helps revenue teams and sales leaders stay data driven by putting analytics where work is actually being done without forcing them to log in to yet another tool.

What problem does this solve?

The key focus for this new product is revenue enablement and analytics adoption. Too often companies invest heavily in business intelligence tools and analytics platforms only to find that the sales and revenue teams don’t actually log in and use them. Knowi ELEVATE aims to change that by putting those analytics directly into Slack with:

  • Data-driven alerts that drive action e.g. Knowi ELEVATE will tell you when metrics change instead of you needing to remember to check.
  • Natural language questions that return real data. In a meeting and need to know the latest sales numbers? Type it into Slack and get back a chart in real time.
  • Regular automated reports that go into Slack and keep your team tracking towards the same goals. E.g. have ELEVATE post the number of closed deals by account rep to the company channel at the end of every week.

About Knowi

Knowi is a unified analytics platform that goes beyond the domain of traditional business intelligence tools. Knowi was built from the ground up to natively support not just SQL data sources but also NoSQL data sources and REST APIs. Originally built as a robust and flexible platform for engineers, Knowi has since grown to span the data needs of organizations, using natural language processing to make data analytics accessible to everyone, no matter their level of technical knowledge.

Selected by Verizon

Knowi provides the robust IoT analytics engine that is built into Verizon Wireless’s new ThingSpace IoT Cloud Platform. This is the culmination of a multi-year partnership between Knowi and Verizon.

Selected by Infosys

Knowi is also the analytics backbone of the new Infosys Health Insights Platform, a comprehensive end-to-end platform that pulls in patient data, device data, and much more to create a clear picture for those in the Health and Human Services industry. This has been developed as part of a four-way partnership between Infosys, Knowi, AWS, and Couchbase.

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