presents the Agile for Humanity 2022 Conference, an experience of belonging for everyone to participate in sharing and learning together. In there it will be a special emphasis on the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community to have an equal voice.


Tucson, AZ, November 11, 2021 – -Knowledge Share- is a community of industry thought leaders and individuals willing to explore new knowledge to improve professional and individual growth. Their mission is to enrich learning experiences through practical and effective Agile methods, helping people like you achieve a new level of awesomeness and reach your concept-to-cash goals. Providing different offers on agile leadership training and other courses to help people achieve business and personal growth and become more productive and be agile in their careers. So if this is your first journey towards growth – or even if you are experienced in other disciplines – at, they can help you find the path toward becoming a trusted partner and collaborator.

And now, they’re presenting their Agile for Humanity 2022 Conference that will develop over February 22th to 26th of 2022. The Agile for Humanity conference is an experience of Belonging for everyone to participate in sharing and learning together, there will be a special emphasis on the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community to have an equal voice. The intent is to create a focused space for BOPIC to Elevate its Craft and Mastery in product development, agility, design, and technology. They invite their non-BIPOC mutual partners to come along on this journey with them. 

Their program is divided into days in where you’ll find on:

  • Tuesday, February 22 – Wednesday, February 23, 2022: Learning and Development Certifications.
  • Thursday, February 24 – Learning and Development Workshops such as Conscious Leadership by Ann-Marie Kong, 3 Essential Skills for Better Coaching Conversations by Salah Elleithy, High-Performing Teams by Richard Kasperowski, and Empathy Dojo 2.0 by Lorraine Aguilar.
  • Friday, February 25 – Conference Day 1 sharing a BIPOC Stories Panel by Dave Cornelius.
  • February 26 – Conference Day 2 with an Agile Educator Panel monitored by Charles Collingwood.

Among this year’s organizers, you’ll find Dr. Dave Cornelius aka “Dr. Dave”: professional coach, trainer, Agile leader, and evangelist. Joseph Jones: servant leader and agile change agent, LPC, AnaElsa: Future Search Facilitator and Ashanti as Graphic Recorder. wants to ensure a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment for everyone, whenever they are engaged in Agile for Humanity activities, events, and operations. The Agile for Humanity conference is a safe and healing space for BIPOC and non-BIPOC individuals to come together, Deliver Value and be transparent about their social justice experiences, they won’t tolerate harassing or disrespectful behavior, interactions, messages, or images, by any member, in any form. This includes business and social activities, regardless of location.

Visit and get more information about their community of leaders. Find your tickets for the Agile for Humanity 2022 Conference at Eventbrite and visit to learn more about this year’s event.

Contact Info

Name: Dr. Dave Cornelius
Organization: KnolShare.Org
Address: 6460 E. Grant Road
Phone: 5204430072