Toronto, CA, 26 March 2021 –, a global leader in B2B sales enablement software, is proud to announce the launch of a number of innovative integrations with Microsoft products. This newly released set of tools will help streamline the sales enablement process by natively integrating within Microsoft 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. is a sales enablement platform designed specifically for complex B2B industries. Its streamlined interface helps sales reps close more deals and build better relationships by delivering tailored marketing content, sales resources, and training information to users when and where they need it.  

The new integration with Microsoft 365 provides sales users a multitude of benefits by embedding functionality into Microsoft tools, and Microsoft tools inside of the app. 

Features of the integration include:

  • Microsoft Outlook – The Add-In, now featured in the Microsoft AppSource store, allows users to bring the power of sales enablement directly to their inbox. The new Add-In allows users to access and attach assets from their library directly inside of Outlook, creating a seamless experience that empowers content sharing and eliminates the need to run multiple applications to use sales enablement tools. 
  • Teams – The new Teams App, now available in the Microsoft AppSource store, allows users to utilize sales enablement tools to collaborate in real time with team members and customers. The integration allows sales users to access their entire portfolio of sales enablement content inside of Teams and facilitates sharing and collaboration between users. 
  • Microsoft 365 – is proud to bring the power of Microsoft 365 into the existing Klyck application. With this enhanced functionality, users will be able to effortlessly edit Microsoft Office documents inside the Klyck app in real time. This will allow sales users to quickly customize PowerPoint presentations and personalize any other documents in Word or Excel formats. The improved functionality will also empower collaboration between sales team members to support complex solution selling. 

Chris Skura, CEO of, sees the collaboration with Microsoft as a key element to continue providing best in class sales enablement solutions to users in complex B2B industries. “The Microsoft 365 integration will provide our users with a much more powerful tool kit as they leverage sales enablement for continued growth,” said Skura. 

He continued, “By bringing the power of Klyck to Microsoft, and vice versa, we believe that we will greatly improve sales team efficiency and streamline selling workflows for our clients. The end result is going to be a product that is easier to use, which will lead to better adoption and better sales results.”

 “Sales enablement is a fast-growing segment for B2B businesses that we see as an opportunity for our customers,” said Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams at Microsoft. “Klyck’s newly launched integration with our products will help support many of our existing customers by expanding their opportunities to grow with sales enablement tools.”

About is a global leader in B2B sales enablement software, serving clients in industrial IoT, industrial automation, measurement and control devices, biotechnology, and scientific instruments. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with offices throughout the US and Canada, Klyck is a privately-owned technology corporation that operates in markets globally. For more information visit

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