The KISTT app is a virtual platform designed for individuals and businesses, providing them with the ability to showcase their products using 360-degree rotating photos.


Wilmington, NC, May 22, 2023— KISTT has unveiled a groundbreaking app to provide individuals and businesses with a simple yet powerful solution for showcasing their products in a visually captivating way. The Keep It Simple Turn Table (KISTT) app has a seamless 360-degree simple product photography display. Through its intuitive interface, the app allows users to effortlessly showcase their products with 360-degree rotations. This provides customers with an immersive viewing experience that mimics the in-person shopping experience.

With the ever-growing demand for visually immersive online experiences, KISTT is poised to transform the way products are presented in the digital realm. The KISTT app empowers entrepreneurs, e-commerce businesses, and individuals to create professional-grade product displays. This engages customers and boosts sales without breaking the bank.

The KISTT app allows users to upload their 360° images to popular online marketplaces. These include Shopify, Amazon, Facebook, ETSY, and OFFER UP. This integration expands the reach of the images. It enables users to showcase their products on multiple platforms and potentially reach a larger audience. The app supports images of different sizes. This makes it suitable for marketing a wide range of products. The products include jewelry, shoes, furniture, and cars. This versatility allows users to capture and display 360 spin photos for various items.

“KISTT was born out of a desire to democratize product display and empower businesses with an affordable yet sophisticated solution,” said Catrina Tomsich, CEO of KISTT. “We believe that every entrepreneur and business should have access to cutting-edge tools that can level the playing field and enhance their online presence. With KISTT, we aim to revolutionize how products are presented and ultimately drive better engagement and sales for our users.”

One of the key features of the KISTT app is its user-friendly interface. The KISTT app is designed with simplicity in mind. Therefore, it offers a user-friendly interface that requires no technical expertise. Users can easily upload their product photos and generate stunning 360 product photography displays within minutes. This saves them time and resources.

The KISTT App has customization options. It provides a range of customization options. These allow users to personalize their product displays to align with their brand identity. From adjusting rotation speed to incorporating interactive hotspots, the KISTT app enables businesses to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers.

The KISTT App eliminates the need for expensive equipment or specialized software. Therefore, it is an affordable choice for businesses of all scales. By leveraging the power of virtual technology, KISTT enables users to achieve high-quality product displays with minimal investment.

The KISTT app is available for download on Android devices. Users can choose from various subscription options to unlock additional features and enhance their product displays further.

About KISTT App:

The KISTT app provides users with an easy-to-use solution for capturing and displaying high-quality 360° product images. The app is suitable for both personal and business purposes. It also offers integration with popular online marketplaces.

Contact Information:

Organization: KISTT App
Contact Person: Catrina Tomsich
Phone Number: 910-707-3772
Address: Wilmington, NC