“Renew America” Plan to Focus on Generating Fresh, Conservative Ideas and Leadership.


(BRIGHTON, CO) December 7, 2021 – Colorado State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer has launched her campaign for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, considered one of the most competitive districts in the entire nation.

“Congress is in desperate need of fresh, new leadership dedicated to American renewal,” said Kirkmeyer. “My campaign will be about offering common-sense, conservative solutions to the challenges facing America: inflation, deficit spending, open borders, and increasing crime and lawlessness.

“Bad decision-making by Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats created these challenges, jeopardizing America’s prosperity and standing in the world. But there is good news: just as bad decision-making brought us to this point, good decision-making can generate American renewal.

“I believe America is an exceptional country currently plagued by a temporary bout of poor leadership and decision-making. With fresh, new leadership and thinking, we can enjoy a new era of peace and prosperity. In the coming months, I look forward to discussing my ‘renew America’ plan to get our great nation back on track.


Alan Philp
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