Kingdom Clear, a window cleaning and maintenance company based in Kirkcaldy and with an office in Edinburgh, boasts nearly one hundred years of combined experience offering a one-stop-shop for efficient and safe commercial window cleaning and maintenance.


Kirkcaldy, Scotland, 7 May 2020 – If the windows of your office, store, or other commercial building are starting to become difficult to see through, or streaked and marred by a combination of dust, pollen, rain and grime that has built up over time, it may be the right moment to get in touch with Kingdom Clear of Edinburgh.

Kingdom Clear the largest independent window cleaning contractor in Scotland, and one of the largest in the UK today. Kingdom Clear has been built upon the concept of delivering commercial window cleaning as a one-stop solution, placing you, the client first.

Kingdom Clear operates teams of window cleaning specialists all around the United Kingdom cleaning and maintaining hundreds of different facilities. Kingdom Clear’s teams of window cleaners consist of a qualified, professional workforce, and has been serving customers all over the UK for more than thirty-one years, and boasts more than one hundred years of total combined experience across the company.

Kingdom Clear operates at the highest level of industry standards, and is fully licensed with all the required accreditations, which gives their customer true peace of mind earned on the firm basis of an exemplary safety record.

Kingdom Clear specialise in reach and wash systems, which means they are able to clean heights that are often difficult to reach, and can easily be in excess of seventy feet or more, which is the equivalent of a six-floor building, by using a variety of proven technologies. Access solutions such as rope access for simpler jobs give way to cradle systems and mobile elevated platforms in areas that are particularly difficult to service.

Kingdom Clear window cleaning Scotland uses a number of different cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, reach and wash access, machine access, and even graffiti removal for many materials.

Using proven methods and experienced technical personnel, Kingdom Clear is able to quickly and easily remove mildew, moss, strip mould, algae, chewing gum, and in many cases even some graffiti from surfaces.

And no job is too small, nor too big. Kingdom Clear has years of experience cleaning and maintaining everything from small retail shops to large multi story office building. And they offer tailor-made solutions that ensure your business receives the best possible level of service for its need.

If you are interested in seeing how Kingdom Clear can help your building or facility look its best, all the time, feel free to get in touch and arrange for a free demonstration, which will be performed by the company’s regular crews, not by sales representatives. After you’ve seen them work, you’ll want them to come back again and again.

About the Company: Kingdom Clear has over one hundred years of experience offering a variety of window cleaning services, and has been running now for thirty-one years.

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