Milpitas, CA, May 24, 2022— Kerala Ayurveda USA — known for its traditional Indian wellness services, products and Ayurveda Academylaunched a new brand identity in April 2022. The company previously used its Indian parent company branding, which was only two years old when the U.S. institute opened in 2006. Kerala Ayurveda has undergone tremendous growth in its 16 years, and the new logo and color scheme reflects the brand’s expansion into the global market.

Kerala Ayurveda Ltd is a 77-year-old tradition, founded upon an apothecary in Cochin, Kerala, India. To date, it spans wellness centers, hospitals, retreat centers, education, research and a robust product business. The U.S. subsidiary launched as a modest clinic and academy, which has since grown into one of the largest Ayurvedic schools in the country. The Academy is host to five certification programs for six total years of training, several workshops, clinical internships and an all-levels India retreat. The newest program launched in 2021 is a 6 month Holistic Ayurvedic Coach certification which enables individuals from all backgrounds to lead a more holistic life at home and professionally. Major growth for the company also occurred in 2020 when Products were introduced for the general market with the launch of The online store retails an array of traditional formulations, as well as lifestyle, beauty, and organic food products for the general consumer.

The new logo and color scheme elevates the brand with a contemporary look that still captures the rich heritage of Kerala Ayurveda. The company’s signature lotus is reimagined from full color to a minimal gold, a healing metal in Ayurvedic medicine which represents life force. The color scheme shifted from earthy green and brown to indigo. For thousands of years, indigo was utilized in the Indian subcontinent for its medicinal value as well as color dyeing properties. The dye was highly coveted after trade routes were established between India and the West, and it fell out of favor in India due to the unethical practices which developed during colonial times. As holistic practices are on the rise and ancient wisdom is being remembered, Kerala Ayurveda is reclaiming the indigo lineage of indigo as part of a mission to empower global healing.

Healing begins with each individual, and this personalized approach to wellness is at the core of Kerala Ayurveda’s offerings. Services at the Wellness Center in Milpitas, CA are performed according to 5,000 year health science, which is founded upon the premise of individual constitution. An initial assessment, which can be conducted in person or virtually, establishes the individual’s unique health history and mind-body type. This understanding paves the way for an optimal lifestyle plan, including diet, routines, exercise and supplements. Living according to one’s unique needs paves the way to heal imbalances and prevent future diseases from occurring. The potential is beyond the physical, for Ayurveda is a holistic science addressing the mind, body and spirit. 

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