Kerala Ayurveda USA is excited to announce the launch of its official Kerala Ayurveda online store. For a limited time, specialty immunity products are offered at 15% off.


Milpitas, CA, May 21, 2020 – For the first time, Kerala Ayurveda USA is excited to debut its official Kerala Ayurveda Online Apothecary.

Kerala Ayurveda USA, a Milpitas-based Ayurvedic company, has launched its line of holistic products. As a part of Kerala Ayurveda Limited (India), Kerala Ayurveda is a full spectrum Ayurvedic business with deep roots in India. Since 1945, Kerala Ayurveda Limited (India) has been providing Ayurvedic wisdom and products to customers around the world. Kerala Ayurveda USA opened their doors in 2006 to bring traditional Ayurveda to the west and preserve its authenticity.

According to Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikannath, Chief Ayurveda Officer of Kerala Ayurveda USA “at every stage of the process, we curate Ayurvedic product offerings in the spirit of our ancient tradition.” Kumar continues to share that, “it is with humble respect to every seed and plant that our team creates your product, including our Ayurvedic clinical consultants, scientists, farmers, pickers, manufacturer, designers, packagers and distributors.”

Kerala Ayurveda USA sells Ayurvedic products online, from traditional herbal oils, Ayurvedic ghees to dietary and liquid supplements. It’s traditional holistic wellness in a modern online platform:

Vaidya. Jayarajan Kodikannath, Kerala Ayurveda USA’s Vice President and Academy Director explains, “rooted by the Vedas and powered by modern science, Kerala Ayurveda is a pioneer in high-quality herbal manufacturing. Our Research & Development and Quality Control team ensures that every batch meets the highest standards of safety, purity, and efficacy. We offer the only Ayurvedic products which meet the requirements of California state’s Proposition 65, requiring the utmost clarity of products from harmful chemicals and toxins.”

For those who are new to Ayurveda, the wellness system and its herbal formulations have been trusted for thousands of years. Celebrated for its preventative and system strengthening wellness solutions, Kerala Ayurveda USA is offering a 15% discount on their Immunity Support product line.

Vaidya. Jayarajan continues to state that, “Kerala Ayurveda’s award-winning wellness and educational sectors reach thousands of wellness seekers every year and growing with the empowering message that your healer is within. Under this guiding principle, we deliver nature’s greatest gift: the natural ingredients which support healing from the inside out. We believe that planetary health is only possible when every individual like you is able to live your fullest potential.”

For those of you who are ready to put your health first, you can get started by supporting Kerala Ayurveda USA. On top of offering natural products, the store’s natural approach to health guarantees that you won’t suffer from any side effects.

Kerala Ayurveda also offers exciting affiliate partnership opportunities for Ayurvedic and holistic practitioners, health retailers, and wellness influencers.

“Community is the environment in which wellness thrives,” says Business Development Manager, Heidi Hooper. “When we support our wellness professionals to succeed, they can reach and help more people. We believe at Kerala Ayurveda that how you do anything, is how you do everything. We do business the Ayurvedic way – holistically, sustainably, and with a well-rounded approach of services and education.”

From easy access bulk discounts, to enterprising reselling, and affiliate referral commission opportunities, Kerala Ayurveda’s partnership options are designed and customized to meet a variety of needs. “In Ayurveda, we recognize everyone has an individual constitution,” Hooper continues. “So does our business! We believe in living in harmony with nature, supporting both individual and planetary health all at once, so we offer business solutions that can be personalized to your needs.”

To learn more about Kerala Ayurveda USA or to visit their online Apothecary, visit the Kerala Ayurveda Store online. Support a local U.S. business today!

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Kerala Ayurveda USA is an apothecary and Ayurvedic company that is based out of Milpitas, California and was founded in 1945.

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