Kaizen Vital Energy, an intentional and international wellness company is on a mission to help reduce the plastic waste going into our water supplies and raise $ 1 million dollars for three outstanding charities, Wounded Warriors, Feeding America, and the NAACP! As a Humans Being More Company with the motto of Healthy Mind, Body, Family, Society, and Finances, the team at Kaizen Vital Energy looks to give back to the community as much as possible and is recognized for their efforts. 


Wilmette, IL, October 21, 2020 – Online e-commerce intentional wellness home based business, Kaizen Vital Energy, is currently on a mission to raise $1 million each for three unique charities: Wounded Warriors, Feeding America, and the NAACP! In order to help reduce the plastic waste going into the Earth’s bodies of water and water supplies, the company’s motto of Healthy, Mind, Body, Family, Society, and Finances, aims to give back to the community as much as possible. Kaizen Vital Energy is highly recognized for their continued efforts to raise money for charities, reducing plastic waste, and as a Humans Being More company. 

By offering a wide range of active wellness products that help with daily nutrition, water intake, rest and relaxation, and personal care, the Kaizen Vital Energy products are sourced from “some of the world’s best nutrient-dense foods” and filtrated, “clean water without chemicals” that helps the fight against plastic pollution. Kaizen Vital Energy is proud to be a company that honors and supports an international wellness community with a purpose. For more information about the products Kaizen Vital Energy offers, please visit kaizenvitalenergy.com.

About Kaizen Vital Energy: As the only complete wellness home creator providing clean air, whole food supplements, energy enhancing modalities based on nature, deep restful rejuvenating sleep, and of course pure clean water, Kaizen Vital Energy aids in the furtherance of “daily habits, rituals, and routines” that help in tomorrow’s future where “minor adjustments bring major rewards.” As a home-based global business opportunity, the company’s motto is Healthy, Mind, Body, Family, Society, and Finances to develop what is called a “Humans Being More” company. Recently, the owner and founder of Kaizen Vital Energy took a good look at those phrases and asked where they have been lacking in service. While the company has certain commitments to the community and a few charities, the founder realized they certainly haven’t given back enough. So the team asked themselves what really bothered them and what they can do to make a difference?

The team came up with several worldly issues such as racial inequality, those who serve or served our country and can’t get help or find work when in need, people (especially children) who don’t have access to healthy food and water, and the plastic waste problem building up in our environment. So, the company has Here pledged to donate $1,000,000.00 in the next five years to the NAACP, Feeding America, and Wounded Warriors. With your help, the company will donate $3.00 from each water bottle, $9.00 from each waterfall countertop model, and $15.00 from each water pack that is distributed through the organization. Each bottle is made from a plant-based product that is completely biodegradable and filters out all the impurities in our water and puts back the nutrients and PH balance our bodies need, eliminating the need for cheap plastic bottles! For more information about Kaizen Vital Energy, please visit https://www.kaizenvitalenergy.com/.

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Kerry Karpiel
Wilmette IL
Phone: 877.54PIMAG