Thanks to advances in modern technology, getting and staying fit just got easier. Now there is no reason to say that you don’t have time to exercise. With Kaizen 4 Health, you can start making small changes to your life. Visit for more information!


Brampton, ON, 11 August 2021- The term “Kaizen” is a Japanese term for “continuous improvement”. While it is generally a term used in the business world, it can be applied to making small changes to your health with shorter workouts. 

With these short workouts (only 4 minutes long!) from Kaizen 4 Health, you are continuously improving your health with little effort. No time to exercise is no longer a thing. 

Kaizen 4 Health is essentially a 24 hour gym with workouts available every hour on the hour throughout the day. The best thing about this gym is that you don’t have to make time to go to a physical location to get this workout. The only requirement for these exercises is to have a device solely for reminding you to get up and move around once every hour. 

“What is a dedicated device?” asks a spokesperson for Kaizen 4 Health. “A dedicated device is a laptop that sits on a table, desk, or shelf in your home/office, that is only used for one thing; reminding you to exercise. When set to the page, every hour on the hour you will hear some chimes telling you that the exercises are about to start.”

The dedicated device can also be a desktop computer connected to a monitor that is always displaying the Kaizen 4 Health website. So, if you have an old computer sitting around collecting dust, you might consider setting that up in your home office for easy access to Kaizen workouts. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to an additional laptop right away!

“Each day when you begin your workday, open your browser on your computer, click on the + sign and open a second tab to the website,” says a spokesperson for Kaizen 4 Health. “Don’t close that tab until your workday is over.  As long as you keep this tab open, every hour on the hour, you will hear the chimes going off and you’ll be able to begin your exercises.”

The sooner you decide to get started on making these small changes to your life, the sooner you will see the results in your overall health and wellbeing.

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About Kaizen 4 Health: When it seems like you have no time to exercise, Kaizen 4 health is a way to sneak little 4-minute workouts into your day throughout the day. When you work at a desk job and sit most of the day, Kaizen 4 health is a way to remember to get up and move around for a few minutes once every hour. A 4-minute exercise session starts every hour on the hour at

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