Kabaddi.Site is an online platform offering insights on the ins and outs of the game. They aim to teach game lovers gaming skills and rules with a guide for beginners. The platform also provides information on matches and schedules of the Pro Kabaddi League in India. For more information, click here.


Shenton House, SG, 21 September 2021– Kabaddi.Site is a platform offering insights into the Kabaddi game. They aim to inform the game enthusiast on the skills and rules. There is a guide for beginners who wish to understand the game. You also get Pro Kabaddi Updates on the professional league in India.

Kabaddi is an ancient contact team sport that began in the Vedic times. Kabaddi has since gone professional with local leagues and international meetings. In India, the game has gained massive popularity. Nearly half a billion people have been watching the Pro Kabaddi League since its inception in 2014. Since then, amateur Kabaddi leagues have popped up elsewhere worldwide.

Many people wish to understand the game though there is not much information available on the same. Kabaddi.Site comes in to bridge the knowledge gap between the game and its fans, players, and the general public. “Do you wish to learn How to Play Kabaddi?. If yes, Kabaddi.Site is here to ensure you learn and learn it well. We offer you insights on the game rules and skills in a simple manner.” said Kabaddi.Site Administrator.

“Ready to get started? No worries, it is easy to get started. Kabaddi does not need any equipment or a lot of preparation.” said Kabaddi.Site columnist. “We have put together this page to guide you through the understanding of the game from the beginning. You can start by reading the beginner guide on rules and then learning fundamental skills of offense, escaping, and defending.” He added.

If conversant with the rules, Kabaddi.Site has insights on how to Improve your Kabaddi skills. Pro players and amateurs who wish to play the game for leisure purposes stand to benefit from this. In Kabaddi, we have offensive, defensive, and escape skills. Offensive are skills used by the raiding team to tag opponents. They include hand, foot, toe touches, sudden squat leg thrust, and rolling kicks. Defensive include ankle, thigh, knee, waist, block, and wrist hold skills. Opponents use these skills to defend against raids. Escape skills include running, dodging and stooping, skipping and side-stepping, balancing, and kicking skills.

Pro Kabaddi League on Kabaddi.Site aims to keep fans updated on the league. They have timely updates on player auctions, league schedules, kits, and merchandise.

About Kabaddi.Site – Learn and Love Kabaddi: Kabaddi.Site offers insights into the rules and skills of the game. They also have timely updates on the Pro Kabaddi League in India, where fans get to learn about league schedules, favorite players, player auctions, and where to get team kits and merchandise. Kabbadi.Site is where you get resourceful information about Kabaddi and learn to play it.

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