K10 Rent a Car Mallorca, an established car hire company in Balearic Islands, Spain, has launched an affordable car hire offer for summer travelers. The offer will see customers enjoy the best car hire rates in Mallorca, easy access to the company’s services, and a wide selection of modern cars.


Majorca Spain, November 30, 2022— K10 Rent a Car Mallorca, a reputable car hire company in Ibiza, has opened a new car rental office in Mallorca island and launched an affordable car rental offer for summer travelers in Mallorca. The travelers will access modern, well-serviced rental cars at the Mallorca seaport and airport.

The company plans to use this offer to allow travelers to enjoy the best rental car prices in Mallorca for the spring and summer seasons.

Travelers looking for Car rental in Majorca will book their preferred car model from the company’s large fleet of serviceable cars. The firm will then ensure the client finds a car waiting for them in their office very near the Mallorca International Airport, also the company could drive the car to their preferred pick-up point. These pick-up points will include malls, apartments, hotels and boats, among other convenient places.

“We regularly renew our cars to ensure serviceability, and to offer our clients the latest car models suited for the island’s terrain. We also could offer the service that you get your car where you want it, and clients sometimes dont need to come to the car rental office,” the company’s logistic manager said during the launch.

The offer will utilize K10 Car hire Majorca‘s easy-to-use booking portal, which further enhances the ease of access to the service. The booking portal provides a straightforward payment system and accepts major credit cards and other online payment systems. Users can also book their preferred cars way ahead of their travel dates at discounted rates.

The online booking platform will give all users a 10% discount on all vehicles to encourage travelers to use the service and hasten the booking process by saving customers a trip to the company’s office.

“Our prices include an unlimited mileage, which allows our clients to drive as far as they want on the island without constantly worrying about the odometer,” the company’s logistic manager said during the launch.

About K10 Rent a Car Mallorca:

K10 Rent a Car Mallorca is a forward-thinking car hire company in Mallorca, Spain. The company offers reliable transport solutions for travelers looking for Car hire near Mallorca airport and surrounding areas on the island. The company provides various vehicles ranging from economical to luxury vehicles such as Range Rover.

The company is an excellent addition to the vast tourism sector in Majorca, and it focuses on enhancing the visitor’s experience by offering affordable, private mobility solutions for its clients. K10 Rent a Car Mallorca continuously renews its cars to ensure that clients get the latest car models, enhance fuel efficiency, increase user comfort and minimize the risk of car stalling.

The staff at K10 Rent a Car Mallorca are carefully selected, and a careful background check is done to ensure the customers’ safety. Most company employees are bilingual and multilingual to enhance communication with clients from all over the world to visit Majorca.

Contact Information:

Contact Name: K10 Rent a Car Mallorca
Address: Aeropuerto de Mallorca. Camí Fondo, 6 07007 Palma, Illes Balears
Website: https://k10rentacar.com/en/car-hire-majorca
Phone number: +34 971 31 35 31