Newport Beach, CA, February 22, 2022— If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know that driving is not always the best option for getting around. Traffic gets backed up, parking is sparse, not to mention expensive, and most importantly you don’t get to enjoy as much time on the beach.

carSHAiR is bringing an affordable option for those who want on-demand travel with a new fleet of E-bikes. E-bikes are the perfect way to get around, whether it’s for a trip to the boardwalk or downtown. For one thing, they’re convenient and easy to use. Simply scan the QR code of the bike you want to check out, provide a form of identification and payment, and ride off to wherever you need to go. Once you’re done with your errand or bike ride, just dock the E-bike at the nearest carSHAiR station and you’re all set.

They’re also the cheapest and most efficient option. Most people would pay up to $36.74 to spend a day at the beach. The average cost of going to the beach is $22.09, excluding parking and day passes. That leaves just under $15 for transportation. Moving around by car may rack up your costs in terms of gas, parking fees, valet fees, and more. Meanwhile, carSHAiR’s E-bikes can cost as little as $4 per hour depending on which plan you choose (price will vary depending on location).

This puts carSHAiR’s E-bikes at a lower price than the other E-bikes one might find around the city, and with the choice of getting one with an attached basket, you’ll be able to tote around your beach gear with ease. If the idea of wanting to rent one of carSHAiR’s E-bikes comes to you while you are already out and about, don’t worry, carSHAiR will deliver the E-bikes right to you and pick them up when you’re done. The best part is that when anyone uses one of carSHAiR’s E-bikes, they become part of the carSHAiR community and are eligible to rent a car in the future.

When asked about bringing these E-bikes to the area, CEO Greg Martel replied, “We are all about the community here at carSHAiR. We saw an opportunity to offer a fun, economical, and environmentally friendly transportation option to anyone here in Newport Beach.”

Cofounder Garrick Delafuente is excited about the addition of E-bikes to carSHAiR’s platform stating, “We know that everyone is not looking to try out a new car for the weekend, sometimes people just want to have the ability to get around town without having to lug their bike from home. The best part is, that someone could spend the day biking and taking in the ocean views and then find a car for a night on the town all in one place.”

carSHAiR continues to make transportation accessible to the community. They are starting here in Newport Beach, but soon will be expanding to other parts of California and other major cities across the country. Next time you are looking for a fun way to get around town, try out two wheels instead of four, and take a ride on carSHAiR’s new E-bikes!

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Greg Martel
520 Newport Center Dr Ste 745, Newport Beach, CA 92660