Junk Shot Junk Removal announces a new franchise location in Richmond, VA. Andrea Fuller and her team are committed to helping their customers with their junk removal. No project is too big or small. Junk Shot Junk Removal will take care of your junk project from start to finish. For more information, visit richmondva.junkshotapp.com.


Richmond, VA ‒ March 29, 2021 ‒ Junk Shot Junk Removal is excited to announce a brand new franchisee in the Richmond area. Andrea Fuller was a dental hygenist for 27 years before owning a Junk Shot Junk Removal franchise. The company is dedicated to helping customers with their junk removal. 

Junk Shot Junk Removal is the proud leader of junk removal in Florida and Texas, and now, in Richmond, VA. The team is a full-service junk/bulk removal and recycling firm. They meld together proprietary smartphone technology, affordable pricing, and great customer service to give their customers more for less. Their custom Junk Shot trucks are a 20-yard dumpster on wheels. They offer more disposal space for less money, seeking to recycle up to 80% of all the collected material. 

Junk Shot provides a range of various commercial junk removal services, including services for apartments and condos, contractors and demolition, electronic waste, event clean-up, foreclosure cleanout and realtor services, office cleanouts, and retail services. Bulk item removal is perfect for commercial projects, whether you’re a property manager helping people move out or a homeowner doing a big clean-out project. You don’t have to worry about renting a dumpster, securing a permit to place it on the street or sidewalk, and then having to deal with hauling away the junk as well. Junk Shot takes care of all of that, as well as putting up a temporary fence to ensure your area stays looking more attractive and less, well, junky. 

The Junk Shot process is designed to be easy for you. Give us a call or fill out one of our simple online forms to receive pricing information. The price includes all labor, weight, and disposal fees. We will then set an appointment time for you that fits within your schedule, calling you within an hour of your appointment time to confirm that we’re on our way. Our clean, well-maintained truck will arrive in time and the driver will quote you your final price. Our staff will do the loading and clearing, and take away your junk. Your job site is left free of debris. We handle everything, from start to finish. 

For more information, visit the Richmond Junk Removal website or call them at 804-876-2577.

ABOUT JUNK SHOT REMOVAL: Junk Shot Removal is the country’s only junk removal and recycling app. The Junk Shot App team is a full-service junk/bulk removal and recycling firm. We pair proprietary smartphone technology, affordable pricing, and great customer service to give our customers more for less. Junk Shot is the proud leader of junk removal in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Media Contact:

Name: Andrea Fuller
Organization: Junk Shot Removal
Address: Junk Shot Removal, Richmond, VA
Phone: 804-876-2577
Website: www.junkshotapp.com