CHARLOTTE, NC, March 21, 2022: Every kid wants a new bike, but not every family can afford one. This is an unfortunate reality everywhere, and that applies to Charlotte, NC as well, where the poverty rate is a staggering 14.9%. With a population of over 850,000, that’s a lot of kids who aren’t able to afford bikes on their own. In response to this, Junk Doctors, a local business in Charlotte, has launched an initiative to collect as many unwanted bicycles as we can while providing junk removal in Charlotte, NC. Then, those bikes are donated to local charities so every kid can have fun riding around their neighborhood and local park!

From the Co-Owner of Junk Doctors, Christian Fowler:

“Junk Doctors collects quite a few bikes that families have outgrown and no longer use. Instead of recycling them or tossing them in the landfill, we want to see these bikes get reused. This is a fantastic way for us to give back to the community that we serve each day and allows us to keep items out of the landfill.”

Providing our junk removal services to the community has always been one of our greatest honors. Now, we have an opportunity to support our neighbors even further with our bicycle pickup. Imagine the smile of a child receiving a bike at little to no cost!

Junk Doctors looks forward to picking up unwanted bicycles throughout the Charlotte area. Ever since the day our business was founded, we have grown to know and love the people of our community. Their patronage has allowed us to grow. Now, we can’t wait to return the favor. Putting a new bike into the hands of a child in our community will do more than make them happy—it will make a positive, long-term impact on their life. It seems like a so-called “junk” bicycle can prove to be priceless in the right hands.

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