Julia Desiano, a young female college student and entrepreneur from Naples FL, founded W/OMAN: A company for women, by women, motivated to empower and support women. With each purchase, they donate a portion of the proceeds to women’s causes.


Naples, FL, August 2, 2022—According to a report published by CNBC, 35% of top management positions in America are held by women, although they make up more than half of the workforce in the United States. As of 2021, women have 8.2% of leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies. The numbers certainly raise many questions about the despair between gender possibilities and parity in the professional field. But for Julia Desiano, Young Female College Student Entrepreneur from Naples FL, this represented a possibility of generating a fundamental change in her community through education and empowerment by creating W/OMAN.

W/OMAN [without-man] is a recently launched brand of women’s apparel created by women that helps different women’s causes through each sold item. Even though W/OMAN is new, the team of women behind it is passionate about recognizing their endless possibilities, under the feminist vision that no one will ever look after women’s interests better than women. 

For the founder -even though she’s only 20 years old- helping other women has been part of her nature since her earliest memories; she remembers questioning why few women were in leadership roles in corporate America, entertainment, and the sports industry. By not getting good answers, she envisioned that one day she would start a company dedicated to empowering women in our society. Now, by gaining adequate knowledge on how to do it as a business marketing student at the University of Central Florida, she bravely decided that there was no time to wait since the cause was urgent. She launched W/OMAN, a company changing the rules so the next generations of girls know that they can do whatever they dream of, with or without the support of men.

W/OMAN would like to partner up with your group to help raise money! If you have a women’s group or a women’s cause for which you want to raise money, they can help. Their team of experts have turnkey solutions to help you raise a significant amount of money and can do it all virtually to make it convenient and highly profitable.

It’s time to make a change, and at W/OMAN, they are passionate and ready to take cause marketing to the next level for women and women’s causes. Visit https://w-oman.com/ and learn more about this women-owned Local Naples Company that defeats the gender myths. Don’t forget to check out their fantastic line of tote bags, tees and hats, where you’ll be supporting different women’s movements for every item purchased. Join Julia and her team in this empowerment movement by supporting her brand created solely to lift women to heights many never thought possible! 

Contact Info:

Name: Julia Desiano, CEO/Founder
Organization: W/OMAN
Address: 9180 Galleria Ct Suite 200, Naples, FL 34109
Phone: 2395640196
Website: www.w-oman.com