Jody Jones, a distinguished CCIM and CRE Agent, specializes in comprehensive real estate solutions with a focus on land development, multifamily sales, and investments. She leads a diverse team of skilled agents dedicated to delivering superior alternatives to conventional real estate firms.


Salt Lake City, UT, January 14, 2024— Jody Jones, a distinguished CCIM and commercial real estate agent utah, has solidified her standing as a leading figure in the commercial real estate landscape of Salt Lake City. She has earned the prestigious title of “Best Real Estate Broker in Salt Lake City.” Renowned for her comprehensive approach to real estate, Jody encompasses expertise in land development, multifamily sales, and investments, making her a one-stop solution for clients seeking unparalleled support in the thriving Utah market.

Jody’s passion for her craft is palpable, and her dedication is evident in her deep understanding of the local real estate landscape. Specializing in the vibrant neighborhoods of 9th and 9th, Downtown, 15th and 15th, Granary, and Sugarhouse, she has become an integral part of these communities.

“I believe in going beyond transactions; it’s about building relationships and fostering growth within the community,” says Jody Jones. “The Best of SLC recognition is not just an award for me but a testament to the trust my clients have in my abilities to navigate the complex terrain of commercial real estate.”

Jody brings more than her CCIM and CRE credentials to the table. Drawing on her experience as the former owner of a successful marketing and mailing distribution firm specializing in small businesses, she possesses a unique perspective that sets her apart. This background equips her with a keen understanding of business needs, enabling her to offer tailored solutions in the ever-evolving Utah market.

“I’m passionate about helping businesses thrive in Salt Lake City,” Jody Jones expresses. “My goal is to leverage my expertise and experience to create win-win situations for my clients, whether they’re looking to invest in new properties, expand their existing portfolio, or navigate complex land development projects.”

Align Complete Real Estate Service (ACRES) stands out as a brokerage with a diverse team of real estate agents, each highly skilled and experienced in various facets of commercial and residential real estate. From retail and office spaces to industrial buildings and multi-family communities, ACRES provides a comprehensive alternative to the conventional big firm approach. Their proven grassroots work ethic has cultivated enduring relationships with clients of diverse asset classes, spanning Industrial Investments, Small Business Owners, and Large Land Entitlements to Infill Developments.

Jody’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom. She actively contributes to the community, regularly volunteering with her mother at the Utah Food Bank. This dedication to philanthropy mirrors her approach to real estate – rooted in a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

When you choose Jody Jones, you aren’t just getting a commercial real estate broker; you’re enlisting the support of Align’s entire team of dedicated professionals. With established connections nationwide, Align provides a comprehensive approach to commercial real estate, ensuring every detail of your transaction is handled with the utmost care.

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About Jody Jones Align Commercial Real Estate:

Align Commercial Real Estate is a leading brokerage in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jody Jones is a founding partner, and a distinguished CCIM and CRE Agent. With a focus on land development, multifamliy sales, and investments, Jody Jones Align Commercial Real Estate offers comprehensive real estate solutions. Jody’s leadership and the collective expertise of the team at Align Complete Real Estate Service (ACRES) ensure clients receive top-notch, personalized services for their commercial and residential real estate needs.

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