Heartwork Training Institute, LLC is at the forefront of providing business training to owners and aspiring owners of healthcare businesses. Jane Nk Nwanne is an experienced and knowledgeable industry leader, who has authored multiple books helping others to find and realize the purpose of their passion, and thus turn their passion into a lucrative and profitable healthcare business. Read Jane’s latest book, Heartwork, to find out how you, too, can turn your passion for helping others into a profitable, lifelong career.


Joppa, MD, March 2, 2020 – Jane Nk Nwanne is an established expert in assisted living business training. And, now she’s sharing her wealth of knowledge with you in her latest book, Heartwork.

If you’ve ever wondered how to open an assisted living home or how to run an assisted Living Business startupHeartwork is for you. It’s is a step-by-step guide for people who have a deep-seated passion for helping others, who are ready to make a life-changing career move to turn their passion…into profits.

Jane Nk Nwanne has authored multiple books as a well-recognized expert in the assisted living industry. Like her readers, Jane shares a heart for helping others. And, like her readers, Jane believes that there is a way to merge your passion and your profession. With Heartwork, she shows you how.

Stop wondering what could be. And find out how to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to be an experienced business mogul to learn how you, too, can operate a successful assisted living home. Jane aims to bring people and their passions together, into a profitable, life-giving career in the assisted living business industry.

In Heartwork, Jane has developed a simple instructional guide for others who share her passion, so that they, too, can turn their passion into a lifelong, profitable and meaningful career. With the baby boomers now peaking post-retirement, the aging population is growing at a rapid rate. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to make your move into the assisted living industry, this up and coming “Silver Tsunami” makes now the perfect time to take advantage of a lucrative and rewarding career opportunity. When you settle into your new career, you’ll enjoy a life-giving profession that gives just as much as you do.

If you’re tired of a career that lacks either meaning or money, Heartwork provides a life-changing catalyst that will allow you to turn your passion into profit. In an industry that desperately needs heart-led leadership, Jane provides the resources to show you the way to a passion-full, profitable career move.

Learn how to open your own successful assisted Living Business where you’re able to finally, live out your dream of helping others, in a career that provides the financial support you need. Stop dreaming of a life and career that you love. Find exactly what you’ve been looking for…in Heartwork.

Heartwork is now available for purchase online.

About Heartwork Training Institute, LLC: Heartwork Training Institute, LLC. specializes in providing business training to owners and aspiring owners of health care businesses.

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