arthritis CBD

My dad quit fishing when he turned 65. His arthritis just got to be too much for him. I always worried the same fate would come for me, but it happened even earlier, in my late 50s. My wrists, knuckles, and fingers all started to ache and any activity using my hands became a nightmare, so I slowly stopped going fishing during the summers.

I tried cryotherapy and localized steroids, but after a day or two, I’d spent a great deal of money, and the pain came right back. I knew nothing was going to cure my arthritis, but I wanted to find a non-addictive way to relieve the pain. I had a buddy who’d struggled with chronic shoulder pain and had successfully weaned himself off of prescription drugs. When I asked him how he was dealing with the pain, he rolled up his sleeve to show me a NanoCBD patch. It looked like a nicotine patch, but instead of slowly releasing nicotine into his system, it was releasing CBD, which alleviates pain naturally.

He explained the CBD from hemp didn’t have any THC, so he couldn’t get “high.” CBD, cannabidiol, leads to relaxation and pain relief but doesn’t have any psychosomatic effect. I knew that people with glaucoma used medical marijuana, but he said it’s not like that at all. Nano 101 extracts the CBD from hemp, so it is not even related to marijuana, and it’s completely legal in all 50 states.

I wasn’t interested in getting “high,” so I was still skeptical until he said it completely changed his life. He puts on a patch nearly every day, because he needs it, and it’s cheaper than his prescribed medication. Like the nicotine patch, it’s slow-releasing, so it’s the only CBD product on the market that will last all day.

Nano 101 has free shipping and a full 30-day money back trial, so I figured I had nothing to lose and went ahead and ordered 30 patches. I decided to use the patch for the first time on a weekend, because I was still kind of wary about the potential side effects, and if it would be OK to wear at work. I stuck it onto my back where I could forget about it, and it would be hidden. I was waiting to feel tingly or floaty, like taking NyQuil, but I didn’t feel that at all. I felt the same. Around the second hour, I noticed my hands didn’t hurt nearly as much. It was like a slow easing of pain, like how a tension headache just eventually subsides.

My hands had not felt that great in a decade. The packaging says the patches last for 8-10 hours, and around the 11th hour is when I started to feel the dull ache I’d become accustomed to slowly coming back. When I went back to work on Monday, I felt assured by my experience using the patches over the weekend and put one on my back when I was getting dressed in the morning. I felt great at work, my mental function was exactly like it normally was, but I had much less pain in my hands. I was able to type up documents more quickly than ever because my fingers weren’t playing catch up with my thoughts anymore.

Some people use CBD once in a while when they feel anxiety, but it gave me my life back, so I use it daily to tackle my chronic arthritis. If you have chronic pain, CBD patches have no negative side effects and long-lasting benefits that could legitimately revolutionize your life. Now, I tell everyone I know, because I want to spread the good news: it is possible to live a full life and deal with chronic pain naturally.

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