Professional wedding photographer Sandy McClure is booking Spring 2020 clients in Bristol and Bath. His focus is on taking fun, relaxed photographs without hassling your guests. With seven years of experience photographing almost 200 weddings, Sandy knows how to catch honest photographs of your friends and family on the most important day of your life. 

BRISTOL, England  — December 29, 2019 — Sandy McClure is now booking professional wedding photography clients during the 2020 spring season in Bristol and Bath. 

A self-described “photography geek,” Sandy has shot almost 200 weddings in seven years. He prefers a bright and colorful aesthetic because “that’s what weddings are all about — it reflects the joy of the day.” 

“I work incredibly hard to capture the special moments of your day and I love what I do,” said Sandy, owner of Love In Focus Wedding Photography. “Having me at your wedding is like having one of your mates taking photos and you’ll cherish them for the rest of your life.”

Sandy’s focus is on taking fun, relaxed photographs without hassling your guests. As a result of this philosophy, his work is authentic. There is no set-up ahead of time, everything is honest. “From the look on your mum’s face as you exchange rings, to the fun game your niece and nephew have made up in the garden,” it’s all real.

What does he offer his clients? A one-on-one consultation, an engagement shoot to cover the process he’s developed over the course of taking 500,000 photographs, optional planning/feedback sessions and, of course, a relaxed wedding day with loads of pictures. Multiple options and packages are available for all clients. 

Sandy’s portfolio includes a range of weddings at different venues. As a Bath wedding photographer, he shoots beautiful outdoor weddings across the rustic landscapes of Somerset, and then shifts with ease to more urban venues like Berwick Lodge, Clifton Pavilion or Avon Gorge Hotel in Bristol. 

Contact Sandy McClure now to reserve your wedding day by calling +44 0787 604 1154, visiting his website or e-mailing [email protected]


With over seven years of experience as a wedding photographer Bristol and Bath, Sandy has shot almost 200 weddings. That allows him to know where he needs to be to get the best reactions and to create the most memorable photographs. The shots where nobody even noticed are the best. It takes practice to do that and he’s had a lot of practice. 

Nobody works harder than someone who loves what they do. Sandy McClure often get comments on how hard he works at every wedding, but it doesn’t feel like it to him. He’s getting to do what he loves and he’s surrounded by people who are in a good mood, having a great time. 

Visit for samples of his photography and watch some of his website videos highlighting his wedding experiences. Check out his blog for articles about choosing your venue, planning your wedding and special posts highlighting some of his best photography sessions. 

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