Credit card processing company iSolutions, an Indianapolis based company that prides itself on offering the lowest available fees and a streamlined credit card processing pipeline, has been published by Microsoft App Source, which makes it even easier to find and use.


Indianapolis, IN, May 4, 2020 – Businesses that accept credit cards often find the world of credit card processing to be a difficult, sometimes deceptive place. All credit card processing companies assure the businesses with which they work that they are being offered the lowest possible rates for credit card processing. But in fact, many of these companies charge these same businesses surcharges and fees and bundle add-on services that may not be necessary.

iSolutions was founded as an antidote to these sorts of grey market practices. It took the founder of iSolutions, Brock Lander, very little time to understand how dishonest and misleading many credit card processing companies can be, while at the same time realizing the tremendous advantages of the CardConnect platform. The founding of iSolutions was based on the decision that it could, and would, be done better.

By publishing iSolutions to the Microsoft App Source, which instantly makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Credit Card Processing more widely available than ever before directly to businesses and organizations that are looking for a more honest and fairer credit card processing system.

As an application, iSolutions is integrated seamlessly within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, which both simplifies the overall process of payment acceptance and increases the efficiency. So businesses can now stop being concerned about the processing of credit cards and concentrate fully on their business operations.

And with iSolutions now being available from the Microsoft App Source, it can be directly downloaded directly and integrated into your ongoing operations.

iSolutions allows businesses to automate the process of recurring billing, create customized payment schedules, and automatically email receipts to customers. iSolutions also streamlines credit card input and approval, allows users to accept a wide range of payment types, and then posts those payments to accounts receivable and the general ledger automatically.

And because iSolutions maximizes interchange discounts and reduces transaction fees, it reduces business costs, while also qualifying cards at the lowest available rates.

In keeping with its mission, iSolutions always strives to offer the best possible service at reasonable prices. iSolutions pledges to be fully transparent, and will always strive to be one of the good guys, watching out for your bottom dollar, rather than looking to profit at your expense.

About the Company: The entire purpose of iSolutions Payments is to support independent business owners, to help them get ahead by making one of the most important aspects of their business—taking payments—as simple, straightforward, and cost-effective as possible. We work with you and for you, consulting with you on the best solutions for your business and educating you on the process. We eliminate the gibberish and jargon, leaving you with a clear plan for your company’s growth.

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