iSolutions, an industry-leading professional services firm, today announced the release of its Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud hosting service.  iSolutions is pleased to offer a convenient alternative to traditional on-premises systems. The cloud-based solution increases productivity by enabling users to access their existing Microsoft Dynamics GP environment from anywhere that has an internet connection. Users will reap the benefits of scalability, mobility, and built-in data protection. 


Indianapolis, IN – May 28, 2020 – iSolutions, an industry-leading professional services firm and Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, today announced the release of its Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud hosting service. 

Previously, the only option to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP was through a server at the user’s location. iSolutions is pleased to offer a convenient alternative. This solution enables users to migrate their existing Dynamics GP environment to the cloud. This means users can take Microsoft Dynamics GP with them anywhere they go, so they can be productive regardless of where they are.  

This cloud-based solution provides many additional benefits that aren’t available in a traditional on-premises solution, including:

Scalability: The cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics GP solution is able to scale with a business as it grows. Regardless of how many new users or sites are added to a business, the solution is able to accommodate a growing organization, without the need for costly server migration. 

Mobility: Previously, Microsoft Dynamics GP could only be accessed using an onsite server. The cloud mitigates this need and enables users to take their system on the go. GP can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, so users aren’t confined to a single location to use the system. 

Data Backup: Companies need to ensure that their data is in safe hands, and only visible to those who need to see it, Data protection and backup are built into this offering, so users can rest assured their data is safe. 

This is all available in a cost-effective solution that ensures users don’t pay for more than what they need. iSolutions is pleased to provide this latest Microsoft Dynamics GP offering and looks forward to continuing to provide best-in-class solutions for its users. 

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About iSolutions

iSolutions is an industry-leading professional services firm, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (“GP”) for businesses of varying sizes and across a multitude of sectors and competitive markets. With the requisite experience, accounting, and technical competencies, the ongoing objective of this team of in-house professionals is to work collaboratively with its clients to help achieve business-specific objectives.

iSolutions follows a proven service approach- think, build and source- to ensure client success. iSolutions empowers clients to succeed with technology. The company provides full training at implementation and continuous training and support as well. Long after implementation, iSolutions remains a part of its client’s team, always available to assist, as much or as little as appropriate. The company feels truly connected to its client’s businesses, and considers itself partners in its clients’ long-term successes.

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