Cool To Serve Wine Coolers

Is the Claw the Law? Think again! Even though everyone is drinking hard seltzer, the wine cooler is making a comeback.

The wine cooler comeback is worth noting, especially if you’re throwing a party soon. Does this mean you should serve wine coolers at your party? Here are the rules of serving wine coolers.


You have two wine cooler options: wine-based and malt-based. It’s easy to confuse the two.

Wine-based wine coolers are the classic type. These are white wine beverages, chilled with a spritz or carbonated water. Light wines, such as Pinot Grigio and dry Chardonnay, were the most common wines used.

In the ’80s, the flavored wine coolers became popular. Fruit-flavored wine coolers and even soda pop varieties especially became popular.

In the ’90s, malt-based wine coolers became more popular.

These are similar in taste, but their base beverage isn’t wine. Other types of alcohol used include beer, vodka, and cider. Many of these beverages are flavored, just like traditional wine coolers.

They’re often dubbed “wine coolers” because they have the same alcohol content (between 4 and 6%).


Wine coolers are more complex than you expected, right? There are also some rules to consider when serving wine coolers at your party.


Wine coolers became famous for its artificial sweet and fruity flavoring. From the previous section, you also learned that wine coolers are made of light dry wines — and you can definitely find white wine coolers without the sweet fruity flavors.

Which one should you serve? It’s best to think of your guests and the occasion.

If you know your guests are health-conscious, stick to the dry and unflavored ones. The sugar content in flavored wine coolers is extremely high.

But if you know your guests can’t resist fruity drinks, wine coolers prevent making mixed drinks and have a lower alcohol content than your typical vodka or rum drink.

Not sure what your guests want? Serve both! You can also opt for safe flavors, such as mint.


Even though you’re not serving an expensive bottle of wine, wine coolers also have serving temperature guidelines.

First, always check the bottle. Some manufacturers offer temperature guidelines and instructions when serving.

If they don’t, always chill them a little bit. Serving wine too warm will affect the taste. Since most wine coolers are carbonated, leaving the bottles sit out may cause them to become flat quickly.

Always keep the wine coolers in your fridge immediately after purchasing. Your refrigerator should be at 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure they’re properly chilled.

If that’s too cold for you, leave the wine out room temperature for a few minutes before serving them.

For best results, store wine coolers in a wine cooler (get it?). A wine cooler such as the Kalamera wine cooler offers different options for your preferences.


With carbonated alcohol beverages becoming popular again, wine coolers are also making a comeback. Can you serve them as a party? You definitely can! There are just some rules you must follow.

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