KC Mortgage Guy provides exceptional service, communication, and speed for veterans looking to update their current mortgage loan through IRRRL refinancing in Kansas City.

KANSAS CITY, MO —VA-backed homeowners now have the opportunity to reduce their monthly payments with an interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL). Coupled with the IRRRL and America’s record-low interest rates, KC Mortgage Guy can help simplify the process so veterans can enjoy more flexibility within their home loan.

Refinancing helps homeowners replace a current home loan with a new one under different terms. Veterans, or those serving in the military for at least six months, qualify for various VA lending advantages. Including the IRRRL refinance, veterans have access to benefits like lower interest rates and monthly insurance premiums. They also do not require any down payments.

To qualify for an IRRRL, the veteran must already have a VA-backed home, use the IRRRL to refinance the existing home, and certify that they live or used to live in the home covered by the loan. IRRRL helps VA homeowners secure a lower, more stable monthly payment or interest rate, or make monthly payments more stable through adjustable or variable interest rates.

While navigating the traditional VA loan refinance process is often complicated, KC Mortgage Guy provides elite service to discuss VA lending options and secure IRRRL refinancing swiftly for clients.

“I don’t think we can ever say ‘thank you’ enough those who have served our country and put their own lives on the line for freedom,” said Will Foster, the KC Mortgage Guy. “However, it is our goal to educate more veterans on the benefits of the VA interest rate reduction option so we can, together, help make their lives better.”

By working with the KC Mortgage Guy, VA homeowners can take advantage of low-interest rates and apply for the IRRRL refinancing option. When applying, VA homeowners need to supply the “Note” that was used to originally secure the VA home loan.  They would have received this at closing from the title company.

For more information about VA lending and IRRRL refinance qualifications, contact KC Mortgage Guy at 816-414-3239 or [email protected]

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