Iron Software, a software development company based in Chicago, announces the release of IronXL, a C# Excel Library that allows developers to create, edit and read excel spreadsheets in .NET without the need to install MS Office or Excel.


Chicago, IL, April 17, 2020 – Creating Excel spreadsheets from within .NET can present any number of challenges. IronXL, a new application from Iron Software, of Chicago, allows developers to create, read and edit Excel Spreadsheets directly from within the .NET environment, without the need to install Excel or even MS Office. This can be done without the need to use the traditional Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel package.

IronXL offers a quick and simple way in C# read excel file, work in C# with Excel and Other Spreadsheet files, and C# write excel file. IronXL works on Azure and Core without the need for special dependencies and without the need to install Interop or MS Office.

The IronXL API allows users to create, manipulate, read, save and export Excel files for the .Net Framework 4.5+, .Net Core 2+, .Net Standard, Xamarin, Windows Mobile, Mono, and Azure Cloud hosting.

In addition, IronXL also fully supports application development in ASP.Net, MVC, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

IronXL includes the ability for users to quickly read & write Excel Spreadsheets into .NET APPs. Further, IronXL enables reading and editing in XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV and saving and exporting to XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV/JSON. When it comes to parsing, editing, and saving Excel files, IronXL outperforms free and Interop libraries.

IronXL also allows C# excel users to migrate data between Excel, SQL, and GridViews by accessing spreadsheets as objects in System.Data.DataSet and System.Data.DataTable

IronXL Works supports working with Microsoft Excel formulas, and recalculates them whenever a worksheet is edited. And with the familiar, easy to use worksheet syntax [“A1:B10”], combining and setting ranges a be done intuitively.

Like all Iron Software products, IronXL includes support for full IntelliSense code completion. And by using Visual Studio Installer, developers won’t get lost and wonder what the next step might be. IronXL can be installed either directly from the NuGet net core library, or it can be downloaded in the form of DLL files. Either option allows for simple configuration in no time, with only one DLL, and no dependencies.

Iron Software provides ongoing support to developers who use IronXL, every step of the way.

The Iron Software website offers detailed instructions on downloading and installing IronXL, as well as a full library of sample code and tutorials for every step of the process, from installation to use, and covering all aspects of the creation, editing, manipulation of Excel Spreadsheets using the IronXL software package.

Whether it’s a product inquiry or a question about integration or licensing queries, the Iron product development team is on hand to respond to all of your questions. Click here to learn how Iron Software can make the most of their C# PDF library in your next project.

About the Company: Iron Software builds C# software libraries to solve real-world problems.

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