Iron Software, a software development company based in Chicago, offers a C# application that allows developers to generate, read and edit PDF documents directly from HTML files providing best practices and affordable solutions on the market.


Chicago, IL, September 8, 2021 – Any developer who has tried to create PDF documents from disparate source code understands what a hassle it can be. And as engineers, the team of Iron Software used to think that paying for software was a bit like giving up. So after they’d search for hours on Git to find open-source code, wasted time struggling through the bugs and the outdated platform supports, and tried the C# open-source components out there just to get frustrated: they’d decided to make their own. And instead of wasting hours of your time just trying to get started, they licensed their products so that you can pay one time and move on to the real work of developing your project. 

For instance, IronPDF -their new app- allows developers to create PDF documents easily using a number of paradigms, including C#, F#, and VB.Net for dotnet core pdf library and .NET Framework. For example, a developer using C# could render a PDF document directly from HTML, whether simple, single document HTML, or a more complicated document incorporating CSS, images, and JavaScript. Now, developers can avoid wasting time learning new APIs, investing in proprietary software, or time-consuming programming patterns. IronPDF contains a fully licensed Google Chrome rendering engine. Using C# or VB.Net, IronPDF will convert HTML pages or strings directly into PDF files, complete with support for CSS, images, Javascript, AJAX, SVG, and Web Fonts.

If you’re wondering how difficult would it be to c# create pdf: they’d created an available tutorial since HTML is a markup language and they know it can be difficult to convert the contents of HTML to a PDF without the HTML tags. 

And as they’re always looking for ways to generate PDF documents and work with them in C# projects more quickly, accurately, and efficiently. They also have easy-to-use functions from a library that allows them to focus more on the work, and less on the time-heavy details of trying to generate PDFs, whether in .NET Core or .NET Framework. On their site, you’ll be able to find examples of how to c# generate pdf project tasks that you can use in your work, including generate PDF from HTML String, generate PDF from ASPX Input, and more!

Also, check out their c# read pdf function, and find out how their library is particularly good at accurately extracting text with support for whitespace, formatting, and Unicode and UTF-8 character reading. It also supports opening and reading the contents of password-protected PDF documents in all .NET programming languages such as VB.NET and C#. We can also use .net pdf library to read the text content from Specific pages and also read all embedded image files as well.

So if you’re amazed by this application, visit and find out more about its functions and how Iron Software is there to support developers every step of the way. Remember, that whether it’s a product inquiry or a question about integration or licensing queries, the Iron product development team is on hand to respond to all of your questions. And don’t forget to check out their other products and their available promotion of 5 products for the price of 2!

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