Ipe Woods USA is known for its exotic Brazilian woods. Exotic wood has recently gained a lot of traction in areas where there’s an elevated fire risk. Brazilian Ipe (pronounced e-pay) is the ideal type of lumber for outdoor projects. Ipe Woods USA offers the lowest prices at the highest quality available. Learn more at ipewoods.com


Salt Lake City, UT, January 12, 2021- Ipe Woods USA is growing in popularity all across the United States. It is being used more in areas with increased risks of fire. This is due to its up to class A fire-resistance rating, equivalent to the rating of steel and concrete.

Not only is it resistant to fire, but it is also naturally resistant to rot, weather, abrasion, and insects. What’s not to love about wood that even the bugs don’t want to eat? Learn more about Ipe wood here: What Is Ipe Wood?

“Our company is committed to providing the highest quality lumber,” says a spokesperson for Ipe Woods USA. “Ipe Woods USA was founded to provide the lowest cost, highest quality Ipe wood to our customers.”

Brazilian Ipe is great for multiple environments. Because it is so dense, water won’t penetrate the surface. This keeps it slip-resistant as well. It is also naturally resistant to scratches and scuff marks. 

“Brazilian Ipe (pronounced e-pay) wood should really be the first option when using lumber outdoors,” says a spokesperson for Ipe Woods USA. “While Ipe is not the only option we offer, it really is the wood you should choose, from a quality, longevity, and numbers standpoint.”

You will find that not only is it strong and durable, but it is also extremely low maintenance. If you don’t mind that it turns grey in color, it requires no maintenance at all. If you want it to keep its natural look, a coat of U.V. protectant is recommended.

“The name of the company reflects our first choice for decking,” says a spokesperson for Ipe Woods USA. “Sometimes Ipe will not fit into the budget, or for aesthetic reasons, people choose other woods. But any contractor that really knows wood should at least be bringing Ipe to their customer’s attention.”

There are over 200 locations for convenient pickup or it can be shipped directly to the job site. This allows them to provide the least expensive Ipe to their customers with the least expensive shipping costs. Learn more at ipewoods.com

About Ipe Woods USA: Ipe Woods USA is the one-stop-shop for all your Ipe decking, siding, fencing, hardwood lumber, and accessories online. We are the premier exotic hardwood lumber supplier in the United States. Providing woods from around the world-renowned for their durability, lifespan, and beauty. We are committed to providing the highest quality of lumber to our customers. Ipe Woods USA is a proud member of the International Wood Products Association and the National Hardwood Lumber Association.

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