Invincible Entertainment Acquires Global Distribution Rights for Kevin Spacey-led Film “Peter Five Eight” Announcing March 22nd, 2024 Theatrical Release.


Philadelphia, PA, November 22, 2023— As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, independent film distributor Invincible Entertainment announced its acquisition of the worldwide distribution rights for the highly anticipated film “Peter Five Eight,” featuring the captivating Kevin Spacey in a pivotal lead role. The movie, helmed by visionary director Michael Zaiko Hall, promises an original cinematic experience, set to enthrall audiences globally.

“Peter Five Eight” casts Spacey as a ruthless and compelling investigator hired to track down a glamorous real estate agent with a dark past. Spacey doesn’t hold back bringing his signature style to the role, creating a captivating yet sinister character.

Joining Spacey in this comedic neo-noir thriller is veteran actress Rebecca De Mornay known for her work in “Risky Business”, “Backdraft” and “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”, and Jake Weber from “Homeland” and “Dawn of the Dead”, along with new breakout Jet Jandreau who can currently be seen in “The Vigilante”, each bringing their unparalleled talent and depth to the ensemble cast. Their collective performances promise to elevate “Peter Five Eight” to new heights, enriching the immersive storytelling experience.

“Peter Five Eight” weaves a captivating narrative intricately orchestrated by Hall’s vision, crafting a riveting tale that pays great homage to classic Noir storytelling. The director says, “Peter Five Eight is a modern film rendered with a 1940’s brush, and Spacey gives his fans an original and provocative character that fits wonderfully into this world. Invincible has the vision and fortitude to bring this to the big screen in a great way, and the filmmaking team couldn’t be more excited.”

“Peter Five Eight” is scheduled for theatrical release on March 22nd, 2024. “We are thrilled to bring Peter Five Eight to theaters, Kevin is a tremendous talent and he does not disappoint in Peter!” said Invincible CEO, Tom Ashley. 

Invincible Entertainment, is known for its track record of delivering exceptional cinematic experiences from creators with a vision beyond the ordinary, having previously introduced audiences to a diverse array of critically acclaimed films including Kevin Smith’s “Yoga Hosers” starring Johnny Depp, the notorious and controversial “A Serbian Film”, and the award winning Oscar contender “Hell or High Seas”.

Media Contact:

Ashley Larsen

Invincible Entertainment

Philadelphia, PA