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Sumas, WA, Aug 11th, 2021 — From Zika to Chikunguya to other viruses and diseases, mosquitoes might spread awful illnesses with every bite. And since most of them hibernate in enclosed spaces, survive in cold temperatures, and could bite as well in the day as in the night, getting protected from them feels both like an urgent need and an impossible task. But worry no more, Invatech Italia has your back.

By providing their clients with an excellent shopping experience, Invatech Italia has the perfect combination to meet your needs through their standard shopping practice, becoming the perfect site to buy any mosquito, ULV, disinfectant, or insect fogger. So even if you are not sure of what you want, their e-shop has several ways to help you identify your needs. And know that when choosing their products, you are choosing quality that has a 3-year full warranty.

Invatech Italia has the best and leading insect/mosquito fogger in the industry. Offering one of the best options you could find in the market: The Invatech Italia 868 – A mosquito backpack fogger. The 868 mosquito fogger has more power and mist volume than any comparable unit on the market today, being ideal for crop protection and pest control. The fogger can produce mist output which reaches 39 feet horizontal and 32 feet vertical. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for small and medium yards or gardens. The tank capacity holds up to 3.7 gallons/14 Liters, with a translucent tank and extra-wide mouth for filling, and by being multi-purpose, it can be filled with both disinfecting solutions and insecticides, a very much needed service regarding the times. The unit weighs in at an ultra-light 22 pounds, equipped with ergonomic padded shoulder straps with a backrest which ensures you are comfortable in long-hour using this device. And if this doesn’t seem convincing enough, remember that this insect fogger is only $349 compared to other traditional foggers that cost no less than $430, and with their 45-days of 100% money-back guarantee and  3-year warranty, you will be safe in every possible sense.

Don’t be afraid about the results; hundreds of clients endorse the products: “Arrived faster than I expected. Does an excellent job of blowing fog/mist into my yard and the trees surrounding the house. The mosquito problem stopped that night. When used with the right insecticide it is phenomenal.” – John Peterson. Plus, their free shipping plus + tax in all orders and free FedEx with a 2-day air shipping in all the U.S orders: seems like an offer impossible to resist!

So if you are ready to protect yourself -and those who you love- from the hundreds of viruses and diseases transmitted by insects, bet on the best pest control in the industry and visit the number one manufacturer and retailer of insect foggers.

About Invatech Italia: At INVATECHITALIA, we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our client’s satisfaction matters a lot. We have the perfect combination to meet your needs through our standard shopping practice. Even if you are not sure of what you want, our e-shop has several ways to help you identify your needs.

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