ROOK™ is a 5-in -1 smart lock which property owners can unlock in five quick ways. The metal door lock can be opened using a smartphone, fingerprint, passcode, key fob, or mechanical key. In addition, a homeowner or commercial property manager can customize different levels of access and permission, such as single-use codes, time-restricted passcodes, recurring passcodes, and permanent codes. For more information, click here.


Austin, TX, October 25, 2021– Home and business owners can now have peace of mind with the new ROOK™  smart lock that is easy to use and manage. This masterpiece from ROOK unlocks in five quick ways and is easy to use and manage. Furthermore, the lock comes with an easy-to-use, privacy-oriented mobile app with management options. Users can see who is accessing the house, the lock’s battery status, and so much more.

The digital door lock allows users to create, share and manage access on how they see fit with an Advanced User Permission feature that can be accessed remotely through a mobile app. Whether for home or business premises, users can customize the access levels and permissions how they see fit. For instance, an individual can set single-use passcodes for friends, Airbnb guests and delivery guys then customize a permanent code for family members.

ROOK™ makes it easy for users to gain entry into homes and offices quickly, in five quick ways. These entry methods complement each other, and in case one method experiences hitches, they can use any of the other methods.

“We have made it easier for homeowners, family, friends, Airbnb guests, service providers, and employees to access buildings. The 5-in-1 keyless entry digital door lock unlocks with a fingerprint, passcode, smartphone, two sets of a key fob, and mechanical keys. The smart lock also features a hidden keyhole next to the backup power port so you’ll never be locked out,” explained Vlad, ROOK™ representative.

ROOK™ is the best smart lock for users looking for a hassle-free door lock that they can control remotely. The Rook Smart App is user-friendly for all ages and lets users customize access and permission levels for whoever they want to let in their premises.

“Whether it’s a one-time use code for a pool cleaner, permanent code for your grandmother, schedule-based codes for babysitters, employees, or Airbnb guests, the 

ROOK™ Smart Home App makes it easy for you,” added Vlad.

A high-quality smart door lock should have a reliable keypad that picks a touch or a click instantly. Poor quality smart locks that don’t give immediate feedback can be challenging when trying to access a building in a hurry. The ROOK™ smart lock features a sleek, reliable, and intuitive keypad that instantly picks up a finger tap to give immediate feedback. It also has a backlight that slightly dims to notify the user if the passcode is correct.

Digital products can sometimes experience slight challenges. To ensure users are not locked out when this occurs, the ROOK™ smart door lock comes with a hidden compartment through which users can access the house with mechanical keys.

ROOK™ smart lock guarantees the user total privacy through a robust encryption protocol. Unlike other brands that allow users’ data to be shared to cloud servers, ROOK stores the data on the device, which only users can access through their mobile phone.

About ROOK™ Smart Lock

ROOK™ Smart Lock is a digital door lock that allows users to create, share and manage access to family, friends, employees, and other guests. It is made of a metal material, with a gunmetal finish for sleekness. Users can unlock their property in five ways: a smartphone, passcode, fingerprint, electronic key fobs, and mechanical key.

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