GoCarHub announces a groundbreaking approach to vehicle sales. The company’s innovative mobile app is designed to simplify the process of selling new and pre-owned vehicles with no tricks or gimmicks.


Hollywood, FL, December 17, 2023— GoCarHub, created by Mr. Ross, a veteran salesman and pioneer in the automotive Internet business development sector, is poised to transform the process of selling new and pre-owned vehicles in the digital marketplace. With a keen eye for identifying industry challenges, Ross noticed a steady decline in results for sellers, coupled with exorbitant costs. After challenging the pricing structures of industry-related platforms and uncovering major flaws in their algorithms, he embarked on a mission to create a platform dedicated to safeguarding and empowering sellers.

GoCarHub is an industry game-changer, offering an efficient and fully transparent seller experience in the digital marketplace. By introducing innovative and exclusive features, the platform revolutionizes the way pre-owned vehicles are sold online.

Unlike traditional online platforms, GoCarHub prioritizes the protection of sellers, ensuring they receive fair value for their vehicles. By addressing the shortcomings of existing platforms to buy a car or sell a car, GoCarHub aims to restore confidence and trust within the industry. Through meticulous research and development, the platform has been designed to maximize seller exposure and optimize the selling process, ultimately increasing their chances of success.

Key features of GoCarHub include:

1. Fully Secured Seller Experience: Sellers can now navigate the platform with complete assurance, knowing that their interests are protected throughout the selling process.

2. Exclusive Features: GoCarHub introduces cutting-edge features that enhance the visibility of listed vehicles, attracting potential buyers and increasing the likelihood of successful sales.

Mr. Ross understands the struggles and challenges that vehicle salesmen are encountering. Unveiling this cutting-edge digital marketplace signifies a leap forward in supporting the financial success and freedom of vehicle sellers.

“GoCarHub is the only mobile app that enables independent salespeople to advertise without navigating through a dealership system. No more bait and switch tactics,” Mr. Ross emphasizes. “I created GoCarHub to help every sales person in the car industry because we are not getting the results we deserve and I personally know how hard we work.”

For more information or to get started with GoCarHub, please visit www.gocarhub.app.

About GoCarHub:

GoCarHub is the brainchild of Vincent Ross, a 15-year veteran of the internet automotive business development industry. The app is designed to transform the car sales experience, providing a transparent and efficient platform for sellers of new and pre- owned vehicles. With innovative features, exclusive bundle programs, and a commitment to empowering independent sellers, GoCarHub is poised to become a game-changer in the automotive sales industry.

Contact Information:

Organization: GoCarHub

Contact Person: Mr. Ross

Phone Number: 954-665-4739

Address: 160 W. Camino Real PMB #175 Boca Raton, FL 33432

Website: https://GoCarHub.app