The digital fundraising software is an improvement from the previous versions, bringing major changes that improve user experience. Users can run campaigns and boost their fundraising revenue. Crowdfundly V3.0 offers new sponsor campaigns for creators and improved donation campaigns for charitable organizations. Learn more here. 


Milton, DE, July 8, 2022— Digital fundraising has helped many charitable organizations, creators, and individuals raise money for different purposes. Crowdfundly has made raising money on the internet easy by helping these groups design donation campaigns, boost and accelerate fundraising revenue.

The startup has worked hard over the past year to improve the software to give users a better experience. The company is happy to announce its newest fundraising software, the Crowdfundly V 3.0. The new software makes digital fundraising hassle-free by allowing users to run campaigns and raise money for whatever purposes. Moreover, the software has a new addition specially made for content creators looking to rally support from their fans.

“Over the last year, we have been working hard to bring Crowdfundly 3.0, a powerful tool for non-profit, content creators, and creative projects. It’s been a rollercoaster ride filled with blood and sweat, but we are proud our esteemed clients get to experience this awesome tool. The version brings major changes to the core infusing new sponsor campaigns for creators, improved donation campaigns for charities, and improved crowdfunding campaigns for creative projects,” said Team Crowdfundly.

Crowdfunding V3.0 brings one-time pricing that’s simple and affordable. This simplifies how users pay for the software, unlike the previous four-structure billing system that was complex. Additionally, the new sponsor campaign is perfect for podcasters, vloggers, musicians, gamers, developers, and other creators who want to rally support from fans.

Charities are also sorted by the new version, with the ability to create donation campaigns easily and better. The new campaign draft can be edited and updated with new images, descriptions, etc.

With the new software update, crowdfundly also unveiled a rebrand. The company has a new logo with calm, warm colors that reflect the spirit of giving and a revamped website. User experience is paramount for the company, so they have recreated the website with hassle-free navigation and a new, intuitive look.

Crowdfundly also brings a new official WordPress donation plugin for turning WordPress sites into donation portals. The new WordPress plugin V2.x has exclusive Elementor add-ons and native integration with FluentCRM. Organizations and individuals can create fundraising portals on the WordPress websites to raise funds from site visitors.

About Crowdfundly:

Crowdfundly is a software as a service (SaaS) digital fundraising solution designed for charity, content creators, and creative projects. It is suitable for both organizations and individual creators and includes donation campaigns, sponsor campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns. Crowdfundly can be integrated with popular tools and supports payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. It also provides enterprise solutions and an official WordPress plugin for turning WordPress sites into fundraising portals. The plugin includes exclusive Elementor addons.

Contact Information:

Name: Team Crowdfundly
Organization: Crowdfundly, Inc.
Address: 124 Broadkill Rd # 599 Milton, DE 19968-1008
Phone Number:(915) 216-2896