Insured ASAP Insurance aims to help vehicle owners prevent or reinstate license plate suspensions, as the state begins an electronic insurance verification program early this month.


Worth, IL, May 31, 2021 – Insured ASAP Insurance is proud to announce that its auto insurance agents have registered with the Illinois insurance verification system (ILIVS).

Insured ASAP Insurance, an Illinois insurance agency, is proud to help vehicle owners prevent or reinstate license plate suspensions, as the state begins an electronic insurance verification program early this month.

Not sure what to do with suspended license plates in Illinois?

The company states that “insurance companies doing business in the state of Illinois are now required to upload a list of active policyholder information into a ILIVIS, a third-party portal that acts as a database. The state of Illinois then uses this data to cross-check with its database of registered vehicles.”

According to Insured ASAP Insurance: “Beginning June 1, 2021, the Illinois Secretary of State has begun to verify all applicable registered vehicles in the state of Illinois, approximately 8 million vehicles. Notices of suspension will be filed and mailed out to vehicle owners who cannot provide a valid in-force liability insurance policy in place on the date in question, or if the vehicle owner fails to respond to the letter.”

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Al Sneineh, president of Insured ASAP Insurance, estimates the Illinois Secretary of State will start to verify approximately 250 qualified vehicle registrations per day, and increase to several thousand per day by the end of 2021.  

“Verification or not, liability insurance is mandatory and the law.  With the implementation of ILIVS, we hope the state substantially lowers the number of uninsured vehicles on Illinois roads.  This will ultimately lead to lower auto insurance rates across the board – something Illinois drivers need now more than ever.”

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About its registration process, “Al Sneineh and his auto insurance agents at Insured ASAP have all completed registration with the Illinois Insurance Verification System.  This will allow them to help vehicle owners clear license plate suspensions by submitting insurance information electronically through the new portal.”

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