Insurance Claim HQ, powered by Hair Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, has launched a new disaster relief scholarship to assist students who have been affected by disasters.


Metairie, LA, June 18, 2021– Natural Disasters come unexpectedly and can leave serious damage. There is nothing we can do once a natural disaster hits. 

However, one law firm is going above and beyond to help those who have been affected by disasters. Insurance Claim HQ, powered by Hair Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, is providing relief to students through their Disaster Relief Scholarship.

Students who have experienced a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, or storm are eligible to enter the contest to receive the scholarship. Those who are in an insurance dispute over a natural disaster are also eligible. 

“Many insurance companies try to get out of assisting you financially after a disaster, but not here. We are looking to help those in need,” said a New Orleans flood damage lawyer who works for the firm.

Students attending a U.S. college or university are encouraged to submit an essay of 500-1000 words. The topic of the essay is “should there be national reform of natural disaster insurers?”

Applicants can include common issues in their essays such as storm, flood, and fire damage.

Many flood damage policies exclude natural flood damage which can lead to many disputes.

For fire damage, smoke and the water used to put out the fire often cause more damage than the flames themselves. Insurance companies often exclude this kind of damage from claims. The team can provide you with a New Orleans fire damage lawyer should you find yourself in this situation.

Insurance companies more often than not look for the cheapest way to fix storm damage. These temporary fixes can lead to bigger problems down the road.

The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2022. The scholarship amount is $10,000.

Many times during a natural disaster, insurance companies use the disaster as an excuse to delay investigations, thus keeping clients from receiving their needed funds.

“The aim of this contest is not only to help out students in need but to also bring national attention to the issue at hand,” said a homeowners insurance lawyer on the team.

Aside from providing natural disasters, Insurance Claim HQ can assist you in many other areas.

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