Allan Friedman, a leading criminal defense attorney based in Stamford, was able to use some of the same techniques discussed in a Netflix documentary to prove the innocence of his client in a Perdue Pharma fraud case.


Stamford, CT, February 18, 2020 – After watching the Netflix documentary Don’t F**K With Cats, about a group of internet sleuths who used a variety of online methods to track down a murderer, Stamford criminal defense attorney Allan Friedman realized he might be able to use some of the same techniques to prove the innocence of one of his clients.

That client, a Nigerian national living in California, was arrested at Seattle Tacoma airport in December and extradited to Stamford to face charges that he participated in a fraudulent “man-in-the-middle” attack on the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma.

In such an attack, a company’s email system is hacked using either a virus or social engineering methods, and the hacker monitors the company’s communications to determine how and to whom regular wire transfer payments are made. Then, following the protocols the company would usually follow, a request is made to send a payment to an account controlled by the hacker, made to look like just another normal business transaction.

By using techniques and tools similar to those used by the subjects of the Netflix documentary, Attorney Allen Friedman was able to prove that a group of hackers arrested in another case had previously used his client’s name to open a bank account in Georgia.

“The court and the Stamford Police Department have become aware of recent U.S. government investigation of a similar scheme,” said Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Valdes, “and one of them actually used Attorney Friedman’s client’s name as an alias.”

Once Friedman knew who committed the previous crime, he was able to use Google search, maps street view, and a number of other tools to track down people who could corroborate his client’s story, thereby proving his innocence.

“There is no reason to proceed against this guy for this case. There is not sufficient evidence to establish probable cause that he committed this crime,” Valdes said right after the hearing.

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