InoTec, a market-leading manufacturer of high volume document scanners with manufacturing facilities in Germany, and distribution networks around the world, proudly announces the launch of its new Africa focused web portal at 


Cape Town, South Africa, March 9, 2020 – Since 1992 InoTec has been at the cutting edge of high volume document scanning solutions. Their research and development has resulted in their progress and success in the industry. Now, to better serve clients in Africa, InoTec has launched its new website aimed at the African market at

For years, InoTec has been the innovation leader in the bulk scanner market. Their innovations have resulted in reliably high productivity devices., the proven ability to handle documents in the most challenging conditions, and scanning speeds that can reach up to three hundred pages per minute.

InoTec’s greatest competitive advantage is its staff, which has more than thirty years of experience. Their know-how shapes InoTec’s products and helps to drive ongoing innovation. In 1992 the company presented its first document scanning solution for document scanning. And while it was very good for the time, today the company is even better.

Knowing their end user’s needs, InoTec endeavours to create production scanners that are intuitive and simple to operate. Reliable paper feeders and high page throughput are designed to reduce fatigue and save valuable operator time.

InoTec continues the development of the best products regarding processing, image quality and throughput speed. Their experts are constantly searching for improvements. Where other products stop, InoTec is only getting started.

Thanks to InoTec’s innovative modular design and well-defined upgrade path, an investment in InoTec’s SCAMAX® production scanners is safe and secure. In order to meet changing production requirements, the scanner which is purchased today can be upgraded at any time in the future.

Profitability is ensured through the efficient use of all resources. In relation to high-performance scanning this means that even difficult to read documents must be handled with reliability, speed and the highest level of quality and precision. 

InoTec’s products are designed and built to work reliably over as long a time frame as possible, while at the same time built meet the highest requirements regarding sustainability. Such demands are met with a product design that is focused from the outset on longevity and sustainability, with the lowest possible cost of ownership over time.

And when you buy an InoTec scanner, you are not simply buying a piece of equipment. All InoTec’s products are supported through their well-established network of distribution channels. Each market is serviced by technically qualified regional support teams. InoTec Africa has been established in order to achieve the best possible support outcomes for InoTec’s scanners in Africa. The network includes qualified partners located in most African countries, lead by Inotec South Africa.  

About the Company: InoTec GmbH, the manufacturers of InoTec SCAMAX® High Volume Document Scanners. Inotec Africa services the African market and is based in South Africa. Inotec is represented in Africa by Imaging Machines Corporation (Pty) Ltd.

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