Kanteneo, an innovative Shopify video marketing application, is set to be launched soon. The application will allow users to easily create marketing videos and send them to their target audience’s mailboxes. The application is expected to speed up the video marketing procedure while reducing its cost. For more information on Kanteneo, click here.


London, UK, September 29, 2021 – Kanteneo, an innovative Video Marketing application, will be launched soon. The platform that targets Shopify users will help business owners across the world to create and automate personalized videos sent to the target customer’s inbox.

This video marketing app will offer users the chance to leverage the power of video marketing to build strong brands, generate traffic to their websites, and increase sales through product recommendations.

The automated personalized video marketing platform will shrink the process into fewer steps to shorten the time needed to create and publish marketing videos. Kanteneo is expected to help business owners generate more marketing content for various platforms, simultaneously run multiple video marketing campaigns, enhance Retention Marketing, and lower the video production cost.

“Creating personalized videos should not be expensive or difficult. People should not take days, weeks, or even months creating the videos. Finally, Shopify retailers can say good riddance to the old, expensive, and (sometimes) ineffective video marketing methods,” Kanteneo founder Terry Wingfield said.

The Shopify App will also give users access to tools and features that ease the video marketing process. Some features include; access to over 10,000 free video templates, over 10,000 free images, and more than 3,000 audio files. The application will also have an inbuilt online video editor and a video hub where users can easily access their past videos.

The application also has an email marketing automation ability. Users can automate their video email marketing campaigns as they would with traditional emails. “Users can send a specific welcome video to all new website subscriptions or send birthday videos to customer’s inboxes. Kenteneo has all aspects of email marketing automation traditional applications offer,” the founder added.

The soon-to-be-launched application is also expected to give Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered campaign recommendations. Kanteneo is expected to use KAI to help users design video marketing campaigns that their target audience can relate to.

About Kanteneo

Kanteneo is a Shopify Video App designed to help retailers build an epic brand, cultivate trust, promote products, increase revenue, and generate website traffic through the power of personalized videos. The Shopify app will enable users to create videos and send them directly into their target audience’s mailboxes.

The application is Terry Wingfield’s brainchild, an experienced eCommerce engineer and a founder of other innovative platforms.

“No longer will you need to spend countless hours creating videos through decoupled platforms – Kanteneo brings the power of personalized video directly to the Shopify app ecosystem. The application will bring together important elements of video creation, and combine them with modern marketing technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and email marketing automation.” Wingfield said about the app.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Terry Wingfield
Address United Kingdom
Website: https://kanteneo.com/