Infinity Texas Air, a Mesquite AC & Heating Repair company, is known for their involvement in the Forney community.


Forney, TX, August 4, 2022— Ask any citizen from Forney, Texas which name comes to mind when they hear the words “community involvement”, and you will get the same answer every time.

“Infinity Texas Air! They have truly outdone themselves with their dedication to our community,” said one Forney resident.

Infinity Texas Air specializes in air conditioning and heating services, but they are also well known for being the best when it comes to Forney community involvement.

So how exactly does Infinity Texas Air give back to the community in such a way?

One of their biggest programs is the BBQ & Backpacks program. Infinity Texas Air partners up with a local BBQ restaurant and works to gather up backpacks and other school supplies for students in need.

“The impact is obvious. Many students who struggle financially benefit from Infinity’s program,” said one Forney teacher.

Infinity Texas Air realizes the importance of educators, and in order to give gratitude, they give out a grant to one teacher every year. The money can be used to further education and fund the classroom.

Another great initiative taken by Infinity Texas Air is ‘A Cause For Paws’. The team partners up with local animal shelters to help get these animals a loving home. Every month ‘Dukes Furry Friend of the month’ is promoted on Facebook. 

“We love supporting local organizations in Forney, Terrell, and surrounding areas that dedicate their time and energy to assist their neighbors. Whether it’s supporting a local sports team or providing assistance to animals in need, Infinity Texas Air is always partnering with amazing organizations,” said the CEO of Infinity Texas Air.

In addition to community outreach, Infinity Texas Air provides a variety of services such as AC tune ups, air conditioner and heating installation and maintenance, ductwork, and air quality services.

The team prides themselves on their quality craftsmanship as well as their dedication to their customers. 

If you are looking for a company that cares, check out Infinity Texas Air today!

About Infinity Texas Air:

Since 2010, Infinity Texas Air has been in the business of delivering quality service and products to residents in and around the Forney area. Trapper built Infinity Texas Air from the ground up with his own sweat and tears. His determination and perseverance made the success of our company possible, and we strive to uphold his ideals every day in the office and our customers’ homes. We handle every job professionally and with a unique style that leaves you feeling comfortable in your home. We are committed to our customers’ needs, which is why we employ technicians who are not only experienced and skilled, but they are also trustworthy. Our services cover heating and cooling, indoor air quality, ductwork, and preventative maintenance, plus much more. Our goal is to provide you with the service you deserve from people you can trust!

Contact Information:

Trapper Barnes
Infinity Texas Air, 12025 Lewis Cir Forney, TX 75126