Ignition Marine Service is a knowledge-edge marine service company that aims to provide the best quality services under the direct supervision of first-class marine engineers.


North Vancouver, BC, 28 December 2022 — If you’ve ever worried about last-minute electrical and mechanical disasters or any lingering issues related to your yachts and boats, worry no more: Ignition Marine Service will handle everything for you.

Ignition Marine Services is a knowledge-edge marine service company that aims to provide the best quality services under the direct supervision of first-class marine engineers. With their assistance, they help increase the yacht’s life cycle by rectifying the exact issue and processing the most cost-effective service. Their preventive maintenance programs keep your yachts and boats in premium condition.

Additionally, they only use top-quality products from reliable suppliers, ensuring that your watercraft gets the treatment it deserves, and also source parts from suppliers of your choice. Their marine engineering experts will help you with the right products and services.

Among their top-quality services, you’ll find:

  1. Marine Mechanical Services: Their qualified team of certified marine mechanics takes care of your boat engine and other watercraft/marine mechanical needs, providing timely inspection and maintenance for a hassle-free sailing experience.
  2. Marine Electrical Systems Repair & Installation Services: Whether you are looking to install air conditioning, navigation, or even communications systems for your watercraft, their marine electricians are here to help.
  3. Boat Repair and Maintenance Services: Ignition Marine utilizes high-quality OEM parts and industry-specific marine solutions to upkeep the boat and provides a memorable and trouble-free experience on the water.
  4. Custom Installation and Structural Services: Their services include but are not limited to boat paint jobs, systems installation, waxing, pressure cleaning, interior/exterior designing, building, sanding, varnishing, canvas, and upholstery.

From engine repairs to wall paints, they take care of any lingering issues for you and offer a one-of-a-kind sailing experience for you and your company. At Ignition Marine Service, they have years of combined experience dealing with various machinery and handling multiple mechanical and electrical problems. Their ability to identify underlying issues with your seacraft and resolve them at minimal cost to you makes them stand out among the competition.

About Mehrab Zargari, CEO of Ignition Marine Service:

With over 15 years of combined experience as a marine engineer, Mehrab Zargari possesses the right educational background and technical expertise that sets Ignition Marine Service apart from the competition.

Mehrab Zargari has handled different marine challenges with yachts and boats during his career. He is a skilled marine engineer, and his problem-solving attitude has helped clients enjoy their marine voyages without running into issues. Mehrab handpicks his team of mechanics and engineers for Ignition Marine Service himself, ensuring that the company benefits from an uber-talented and experienced team. 

For more information about their top-quality boat repair and maintenance services, visit https://ignitionmarine.com/. Their marine technicians are trained with 15+ years of combined experience in the marine industry so they know how to make your experience smooth sailing!

Contact Info:

Organization: Ignition Marine Service
Address: 55 Senator, North Vancouver, BC V7P3H9
Phone: (877)394-8669
Website: https://ignitionmarine.com/