iFax is the first mobile faxing app on the market. Now you can send and receive faxes right on your phone!


London, ENG, 14 October 2021– iFax has become a technological pioneer with their new app. For the first time ever, you can now send and receive faxes on your phone!

The online faxing app, iFax, will forever change the way we do business. Business faxing has never been easier! 

The iFax app is great for the medical and healthcare industry, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate agencies, the legal industry, and more!

The process is simple. The first step is to select your recipient. You can also add a cover page to your fax should you want to do so.

Next, you add your attachment. The iFax app is compatible with PDFs, docs, and images. Once your document is fax is ready, you can send it out and enjoy instant transmission and real-time delivery updates. Once your fax has been delivered, you will be notified and receive a transmission report.

“We have created a truly amazing app that is sure to change businesses everywhere,” said a developer on the iFax team.

The app utilizes HIPAA compliance to guarantee the safety and privacy of your data.

The iFax offers three different pricing packages to cater to every level of usage. 

The Basic package is best for personal use. With pricing at 5 cents per page, you can send up to 200 pages monthly. The monthly pricing comes out to $8.33 a month.

The Plus package is designed for small businesses. With pricing at 3 cents per page, you can send and receive up to 500 pages monthly. Users of the Plus package can also utilize a fax number included with each transaction. Pricing for this package is $16.67 per month.

For corporations, there is the Professional package. With the Professional package, pricing is at 1 cent per page! Furthermore, users can send and receive one thousand pages per month. Not only that, but to ensure the highest level of security, 256 bit AES security is included in this package. 

The professional package also gets you an account manager who is dedicated to your company. Other perks of this package include developer API, team sub-accounts, and a unique email to fax option. 

“I could not believe how many features are included on the iFax app!” said the CEO of a corporation that utilizes the app. 

What are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with the iFax app today!

About iFax: iFax is an online faxing solution that allows both consumer and enterprise users to send faxes from the comfort of their home or office, with no travel or extra equipment required. HIPAA compliance and military-grade AES-256 encryption ensures the security of your data while cross-platform optimization allows you to send faxes whether you’re on web, desktop, or mobile. Though founded a decade ago, iFax continues to meet the evolving needs of users and ranks consistently as one of the highest-grossing business apps on all major app stores.

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