Ichango Lending Advisors is here to close the gap between dreams and funding.

Lauderhill, FL, May 20, 2024 — Are you struggling to find funding for your small business? Look no further: Ichango Lending Advisors is here to help!

Based in Lauderhill, Florida, Ichango Lending Advisors can help you with a wide variety of financial solutions.

Working with Ichango Lending Advisors is easy, stress free, and effective. Here’s how it works: You fill out the online application, and within a matter of minutes, a loan specialist provides you with a number of funding solutions. You pick the one that best suits your needs, and you are on your way. 

The process is easy, effective, and transparent. At no time will you find a surprise charge or fee.

Ichango Lending Advisors is partnered with over 50 of the biggest lenders, giving you a wide array of solutions. 

“At Ichango Lending, we understand that each business is different, and so we come up with a financial solution that is unique to your situation and business,” said one loan officer.

Many small businesses are in search of term loans. A term loan can be instrumental in supporting and facilitating the growth of a business. This type of loan provides a fixed amount of money upfront, which the business can use for various purposes, such as expanding operations, purchasing equipment, or investing in new projects.

Whether you are looking for equipment financing or dabbling in commercial real estate, Ichango Lending Advisors can help you find the funding you are looking for.

With an 85% approval rate, Ichango Lending Advisors has helped over 10,000 businesses get funding.

“I was about to give up when I found Ichango. I couldn’t believe my ears when they told me that they had not one, but multiple financing options available to me. They really saved me at a time when I was desperate,” said one small business owner.

Ichango prides themselves on their dedication to their clients. When you do business with Ichango Lending Advisors, you can expect to be treated with the utmost care and respect. 

The team at Ichango Lending has collectively been in the financial world for over three decades, and have experienced it all. With such a wide array of skills and experiences, you are in good hands. 

Funding can be the most difficult part of starting a business. Let Ichango take care of it so that you can focus on growing. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out Ichango Lending Advisors and take your business to the next level today!

About Ichango Lending Advisors:

We are partnered with leading lenders and investors to come up with an all around solution to small business challenge of financing. We have a cutting-edge technology to evaluate your business based on its actual performance, not personal credit. We created a quick and easy process to borrow money. We will jump through hoops to give your business the funds it needs to grow today.

Contact Information: 

Jules Pierre

Ichango Lending Advisors

4200 NW 16th St Suite 449 Lauderhill FL 33313

917 801 6737